Fiction Fireworks…kaboom baby!

fireworksHere in Ohio, flags are flying on porches, kids have sparklers in hand, and my husband has eaten his weight in watermelon. We’re getting ready to celebrate Independence Day. The YA Indie Carnival is celebrating too with this week’s topic…Fiction Fireworks!

I recall seeing a TV special about the world famous Zambelli family. The Zambelli’s are responsible for some of the most outstanding fireworks displays in the world. On that TV special, they talked about the recipe for creating great fireworks. I wonder if fiction fireworks work the same way.

Let’s take a look at one of the most famous modern fiction couples and talk about what makes them explosive – Edward Cullen & Bella Swan

If I was hungry, I mean super hungry, I couldn’t imagine kissing a Big Mac instead of eating it. Kidding aside, the prospect of impropriety and danger drew legions of fans into Edward and Bella’s romance. Don’t we always want what we can’t have?

Edward waits decades for Bella. In fact, he’s pretty much Continue reading “Fiction Fireworks…kaboom baby!”

WIP: Shadows Rising Sneak Peek

This week’s YA Indie Carnival topic is Work in Progress. I have a special treat for you, an exclusive sneak peek at Book 4 in the Midnight Guardian Series, Shadows Rising, which hits stores this fall.


ImageThe scent of orange and ginger meat roasting over an open flame was nearly choked out by the stench of the alley. Even in the ever present darkness, buyers and sellers packed the market. Low voices rumbled in heated negotiation over things like food and weapons, lit only by a sprinkling of strategically placed torches on the towering outer walls of the Citadel.

The night was warm, season-less, like it always is on the other side of the barrier. Ann Martin and Keira Ryan kept watch over the scene from a secure rooftop above the marketplace just outside the mogdoc Citadel, the home of the Empress.

A light breeze drifted past and lifted Keira’s hair. She moved the stray strands from her face and as she did, her eyes wandered to the satin sky.

“Do you think they miss them?” Keira asked with a sigh.

“Who misses what?” Ann replied, unable to tear her eyes away from her duty.

“The stars,” Keira said. “Do you think Continue reading “WIP: Shadows Rising Sneak Peek”

Love this Hunger Games post. Don’t forget that I’ll be on site signing copies of the Midnight Guardian Series, just before the midnight premiere of The Hunger Games at Silver Screen VII this Thursday night.

YA Indie Carnival: Some Like It Hot!

Steamy Excerpts are in the big top for this week’s YA Indie Carnival. I’ve got a special one for you from fellow indie author T.R. Graves, I present the following excerpt from Guardians of the Cross.

CAUTION! May be TOO HOT TO HANDLE for some readers.

Inside and with the door closed, I noticed his bathroom mimicked the black-and-white color scheme dominating the bedroom. The only exceptions were the periodic hints of lime green in the form of towels and decorative soaps. The contrasting colors were perfectly balanced and, somehow, striking. As I admired it all, I turned on the water – extra hot – in the over-sized slate and glass shower. While I waited for Continue reading “YA Indie Carnival: Some Like It Hot!”

YA Indie Carnival: Interview With a Villain

This week I’m handing over my Indie Carnival duties to the nefarious bunch over at the Mogdoc News Network. What’s a mogdoc you ask? They’re the ancient, evil creatures hunting down Keira Ryan. Think of a gremlin crossed with a swamp monster then give it super speed and a taste for human blood. I think they have this week’s post in the bag.

MNN Presents: Emperor Bov Gammen’s Lost Interview

Then head back here to Continue reading “YA Indie Carnival: Interview With a Villain”