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Midnight Guardian Fall Ball Matchmaker Game

The biggest event of the year is Fall Ball. Do you have a date yet? Take this quiz to see which Midnight Guardian hottie would be your best match.

1. My idea of a cool date is…

a. Exploring a lost library

b. Intimate dinner by the river at sunset

c. Party and strawberry milkshakes after

d. Roller coasters at the local amusement park

2. I’d love to go to the Fall Ball in his…

a. sporty SUV

b. spotless white Prius

c. red extended-cab pickup truck

d. Jeep Wrangler

3. If I had to pick a fault, I suppose it would be okay if he was a…

a. Shy stranger

b. Nice guy

c. Bad boy

d. Class clown

4. When the mogdocs attack, my dream guy would…

a. Assess the situation with a clear head

b. Grab a crossbow and leave no one behind

c. Take them out with nothing but his bare hands and a smile

d. Rush in to the rescue, think about consequences later

5. He needs to be passionate about…

a. History and tradition

b. Family

c. Progress

d. Faith

6. When the music started, my ideal date would…

a. Take me to an intimate corner to talk

b. Do whatever I wanted

c. Hold me dangerously close

d. Break out professional dance moves, making us the center of attention

7. In a guy, the characteristic I value the most is…

a. Intelligence

b. Loyalty

c. Popularity

d. Humor

8. If my guy had a pet, it would most likely be a…

a. Goldfish

b. Dog

c. Snake

d. Naked Mole Rat

9. At the Ball, they would be playing our song when we heard…

a. “More than Words” by Extreme

b. “Fallin” by Alicia Keyes

c. “Haunted” by Taylor Swift

d. “Just the Way You Are” by Bruno Mars

10. It drives me wild when I meet a guy with…

a. sandy blond hair and a British accent

b. blue eyes that you could lose yourself in

c. dark hair and a smoldering smirk

d. broad shoulders and a wild sense of humor


If the majority of your answers were A, your perfect date is Arden Wright

Arden is the highly intelligent, highly skilled mentor of Keira Ryan, a girl destined to be the greatest guardian to ever live. He’s a history scholar and enjoys reading and weapons training. However, it’s his British accent that’s absolutely swoon-worthy!

If the majority of your answers were B, your perfect date is Colby Hayes

Colby is smart, honest, shy, and extremely loyal. When he’s not glimpsing the future or helping his friends fight monsters, he’s getting his hands dirty on the family farm. Who says that nice guys always finish last?

If the majority of your answers were C, your perfect date is Brun Gammen

Better fasten your seat belt, because you’re in for the ride of your life. Some call Brun a bad boy. Some call him the lost prince. No one can resist him. Don’t be fooled by his black heart; it beats with unparalleled passion.

If the majority of your answers were D, your perfect date is Jumper Johnson

Fun guaranteed. Jumper’s outrageous sense of humor will keep you laughing for days after. He’s outgoing, athletic, and brave. He’s also taken, and his fiancé can zap you to the dinosaur age faster than you can say “Great Scott!”

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