Pinterested in All Things Mogdoc?

Have you ever wondered what Ann’s Fall Ball formal looked like? Having trouble imagining the caverns below the Mogdoc Citadel? The Mogdoc News Network has now spread its influence to Pinterest. Pinned to the “All Things Mogdoc” board, you’ll find images that remind me of the Midnight Guardian and her world.

While you’re there also check out the “YA Books for Kindle” and “Nerd Nirvana” boards.

YA Indie Carnival: Interview With a Villain

This week I’m handing over my Indie Carnival duties to the nefarious bunch over at the Mogdoc News Network. What’s a mogdoc you ask? They’re the ancient, evil creatures hunting down Keira Ryan. Think of a gremlin crossed with a swamp monster then give it super speed and a taste for human blood. I think they have this week’s post in the bag.

MNN Presents: Emperor Bov Gammen’s Lost Interview

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