Readers have fallen in love with the story based in magic, but set in the rural heartland of America.

The Midnight Guardian Series are young adult paranormal action/adventure novels appropriate for pre-teen and teen readers.

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#1 Teen Supernatural Mystery
#1 Teen Romantic Mystery
#1 Teen Time Travel
January/February 2014 AMAZON US & UK Kindle Top Free Charts 
#1 Teen Romantic Mystery – February 2020 – US Kindle Top Free Charts

Keira Ryan is a guardian, a supernatural creature on which the myth of the tooth fairy was based. Not that you could tell by looking at her. She looks like any other high school freshman. She even has the same worries. Her best friend is dating a stuck-up cheerleader, and she’s crushing on a junior.

Keira isn’t just any guardian, she’s the prophesied child “of sun and moon”, destined to bring about the end of the house of Gammen which rules over the Mogdoc Empire.

What’s a mogdoc, you ask? Think of a gremlin crossed with a swamp monster, then give it supernatural speed, agility, strength, and a taste for human blood.

Set in a picturesque rural, river town in southern Ohio, Of Sun & Moon has been described by readers as Buffy the Vampire Slayer meets Harry Potter.

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Keira faces her greatest challenge yet…her driving test. Her best friend is acting strangely these days, but maybe its just that he can’t wrap his head around her unlikely new mogdoc ally or her new hot guardian mentor. He’ll have to deal because it’s time to take on a new ruler of the Mogdoc Empire.

Despite her readiness, the guardian elders are cautious. Watch and wait are their orders, but when has Keira ever asked for permission?

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Join Keira as she chases her destiny in this exciting third installment of the Midnight Guardian Series. While Keira searches, the mogdocs draw closer and a new alliance emerges to threaten the existence of her charge, the midnight child. A strange locket passed to her on Christmas Eve may be the key to unlocking secrets at the Great Serpent Mound. A history of trust is tested. A promise of passion turns deadly. A surviving evil creates doubt and there’s only one way to stop it . . . Find the Gift.

Just what do you get the spoiled gremlin queen that has everything?

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For hundreds of years, these dark woods have held a secret. Every living part of it knows, from the top-most leaf on the tallest oak to the tiniest earthworm needling through the earth below. They see them. They hear them. They feel them. They fear them. They are forced to watch with no way to scream out. No way to stop the shadows.

Senior year has begun. Keira Ryan should be worrying about the two boys that are vying for her heart. She should be worrying about Prom. But instead of a dress, she’s choosing which dagger to carry. An ancient evil is working to infiltrate our world, and she’s the only one who can stop it . . . the prophesied “Child of Sun & Moon”.

In this fourth installment in the series, Keira and her friends race against time to rescue her charge before The Harvest. They must hurry. Their enemies are bringing forth a new force to sway the balance toward evil. The shadows are rising.

BONUS SHORT: Siren’s Call, a Midnight Guardian short story, is included in some editions of Shadows Rising and available as a free read on Wattpad.

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Whoever said senior year would be easy?

As senior year draws to a close, a new hope bound in leather promises to be the answer to the mystery of Keira Ryan’s destiny. The Book of the Lost is ancient and powerful. It is said to have the power to restore the balance of good and evil. It’s also unreadable and wanted by every bad guy between here and Atlantis. Enter the world of the Midnight Guardian where nothing is ever as it seems.

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Forward to the Fall.

Do you remember the story told in whispers of the mogdocs, ancient creatures with a flame of contempt for humankind? As the mogdocs claw their way back into our world, Keira Ryan and her friends take a final stand. 

With one friend trapped in time and the other chasing down a ghost, Keira Ryan must find it in herself to move past the damage caused by her misplaced trust and fulfill her destiny to bring forth the fall of the House of Gammen. Can she defeat the royal line before the gremlin-like creatures of Atlantis cross into our world?

All your favorite characters are back in House of Gammen, the perfect culmination of this teen, light fantasy series.

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