YA Indie Carnival: Round Robin

round robin, story, young adultBefore I begin, I want to thank the many dedicated volunteers who tirelessly work to raise awareness and funds for cancer research through the American Cancer Society Relay for Life events. Even though I’ve been co-finance chair of my local Relay for many years, this year I had the honor of stepping in as luminaria chair. It was a lot of work, but well worth it to see our survivors honored and the loved ones we’ve lost remembered with dignity. The tears shed and the kind words spoken will be locked in my heart forever.

So, enough of the heavy and on to the main attraction. This week at the YA Indie Carnival each author took a paragraph of one of their works and passed it along. In turn, the other authors each gave it a kiss of magic before passing it on. Continue reading “YA Indie Carnival: Round Robin”

WIP: Shadows Rising Sneak Peek

This week’s YA Indie Carnival topic is Work in Progress. I have a special treat for you, an exclusive sneak peek at Book 4 in the Midnight Guardian Series, Shadows Rising, which hits stores this fall.


ImageThe scent of orange and ginger meat roasting over an open flame was nearly choked out by the stench of the alley. Even in the ever present darkness, buyers and sellers packed the market. Low voices rumbled in heated negotiation over things like food and weapons, lit only by a sprinkling of strategically placed torches on the towering outer walls of the Citadel.

The night was warm, season-less, like it always is on the other side of the barrier. Ann Martin and Keira Ryan kept watch over the scene from a secure rooftop above the marketplace just outside the mogdoc Citadel, the home of the Empress.

A light breeze drifted past and lifted Keira’s hair. She moved the stray strands from her face and as she did, her eyes wandered to the satin sky.

“Do you think they miss them?” Keira asked with a sigh.

“Who misses what?” Ann replied, unable to tear her eyes away from her duty.

“The stars,” Keira said. “Do you think Continue reading “WIP: Shadows Rising Sneak Peek”

Does a Sequel Affect the Original?

When asked if there would be a sequel for E.T., Steven Spielberg said that he would never make it. He felt that a sequel would just degrade the original work. Spielberg has, of course, gone on to make many sequels of many of his movies, but still left E.T. as a standalone.

So what goes into the decision to create a sequel? I suppose the answer is both emotional and logical. I believe the decision comes from Continue reading “Does a Sequel Affect the Original?”

YA Indie Carnival: Spring Break

The carnival topic is SPRING BREAK!!! I’m traveling, so I’ve turned this week’s post over to the news “professionals” at MNN, the Mogdoc News Network.

Top 5 Spring Break Destinations on the Banished Continent

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YA Indie Carnival: To Trailer or Not To Trailer

YA Trailer ParkThere’s a clear choice…To Trailer, duh! Not only do readers love them, but indie authors love making them. It lets us dream a little, gives us a visual image of what our work might look like on the screen.

Fellow YA Indie Carnival Author Suzy Turner has a great book trailer site…the YA Trailer Park (love the name). I highly recommend it for readers and authors alike.

In my experience, there are a few things to consider when creating a professional book trailer.


Set a budget and stick with it. You don’t have to sacrifice quality. There are plenty of online resources Continue reading “YA Indie Carnival: To Trailer or Not To Trailer”

YA Indie Carnival: Interview With a Villain

This week I’m handing over my Indie Carnival duties to the nefarious bunch over at the Mogdoc News Network. What’s a mogdoc you ask? They’re the ancient, evil creatures hunting down Keira Ryan. Think of a gremlin crossed with a swamp monster then give it super speed and a taste for human blood. I think they have this week’s post in the bag.

MNN Presents: Emperor Bov Gammen’s Lost Interview

Then head back here to Continue reading “YA Indie Carnival: Interview With a Villain”