• The Music behind Mothman Mysteries

    One track for each chapter to convey the emotion behind the story…

  • The Art Behind the Mothman Mysteries: the Cover

    In this post, we’ll look at the icing on the cake, the art of the book cover…

  • The Art Behind the Mothman Mysteries: the BRAND

    I didn’t want a stock photo or clipart. I wanted original. And I got it with Joshua Labello…

  • Finding Mothman

    In western West Virginia, Mothman is a creature of legend and the subject of my new YA Sci-Fi Mysteries. Nestled between Nessie, Chupacabra, Bigfoot and the Yeti. He’s in good company.

  • Easter Eggs for Book of the Lost

    I love this tradition. Every time I release a new book, a few weeks after I get to give the readers a fun dose of behind-the-scenes knowledge. It’s all about the Easter Eggs, those little treasures hidden throughout the books. Read on for the deets, but do so with caution, as River Song would say…”Spoilers…”

Meet your next great obsession…



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