• My Top 10 Summer Blockbuster Quotes of 2014

    Every other Friday, the novelists of The Society of YA Storytellers blog on a common topic for fun or education, but mostly for fun. It’s called “Fun Friday” after all! This week’s topic: Summer Blockbusters! Being the movie geek that I am I couldn’t pass this one up without my own creative twist. Instead of […]

  • My week as a Gisher

    If you’ve noticed that I pretty much dropped off the grid this week, you can blame (or thank) GISHWHES, the international scavenger hunt hosted by Misha Collins of the CW’s Supernatural. For one week, geekdom crowns Collins its prince of mayhem, a job in which he shows great skill. I decided to participate in GISHWHES (Greatest […]

  • Summer Lovin’ Story Event

    Thrilled to be a preferred author for the Summer Lovin’ Story Event hosted by The Society of YA Storytellers. It’s a really cool giveaway where the winner will get a YA summer romance flash fiction story written just for them from their choice of the preferred authors. I imagine there might be a few jabs […]

  • My Complete Morganville Geek Out!

    This week I’ve been eagerly watching — well, let’s just call it what it really is, I’ve been obsessed — with coverage of the first week of shooting for the new Morganville Web Series. The series will air online on the Geek & Sundry YouTube channel, joining the likes of The Guild. Oh yes, we’ve just entered Felicia Day-level geekdom. Why am […]

  • Easter Eggs for Book of the Lost

    I love this tradition. Every time I release a new book, a few weeks after I get to give the readers a fun dose of behind-the-scenes knowledge. It’s all about the Easter Eggs, those little treasures hidden throughout the books. Read on for the deets, but do so with caution, as River Song would say…”Spoilers…” […]

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