• Midnight Guardian in the Classroom

    New Midnight Guardian resources for teachers and parents…

  • My Fun Friday Top 10 for 10/10

    Happy October 10! For the tenth day of the tenth month, the authors of The Society of YA Storytellers are sharing Top 10 lists on just about everything. Part of the fun of Fun Friday is that we get to twist the topic and make it our own. And I plan to do just that. […]

  • Cover Reveal: A Reaper Made by Liz Long

    Sneak peek at the reaper new adult novel coming soon from Liz Long

  • Fun Friday: YA Book Sneak Peeks

    Quick Peek YA Book Excerpts

  • Do Word Counts Count? 2014 update

    Last year, I compiled a post called Do Word Counts Count? which continues to be the single most viewed post on my blog. It’s not a shock that authors are perplexed when it comes to the subject of word counts. There seems to be no single resource. No hard and fast rules. So in lieu of […]

  • My week as a Gisher

    If you’ve noticed that I pretty much dropped off the grid this week, you can blame (or thank) GISHWHES, the international scavenger hunt hosted by Misha Collins of the CW’s Supernatural. For one week, geekdom crowns Collins its prince of mayhem, a job in which he shows great skill. I decided to participate in GISHWHES (Greatest […]

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