YA Indie Carnival: Some Like It Hot!

Steamy Excerpts are in the big top for this week’s YA Indie Carnival. I’ve got a special one for you from fellow indie author T.R. Graves, I present the following excerpt from Guardians of the Cross.

CAUTION! May be TOO HOT TO HANDLE for some readers.

Inside and with the door closed, I noticed his bathroom mimicked the black-and-white color scheme dominating the bedroom. The only exceptions were the periodic hints of lime green in the form of towels and decorative soaps. The contrasting colors were perfectly balanced and, somehow, striking. As I admired it all, I turned on the water – extra hot – in the over-sized slate and glass shower. While I waited for the water to get to the ideal temperature, I completely disrobed. I was preparing to inspect the injuries covering me from both attacks.

The image – one I’d missed because I never looked in the mirror at the hospital – I saw in the floor-length mirror shocked me. With the realization that the horrific reflection in front of me was mine, I released an awful shriek.

On high alert, Brody slammed the door open faster than I could tell him I was fine or get myself covered.

“Allie!” he exclaimed, looking around for the nonexistent danger.

When he finally realized I was standing stark naked in the middle of his bathroom, he hoarsely asked, “W-What’s wrong, babe?” His gaze was equal parts concern and desire.

Instinctively, I bolted toward my robe, grabbed it, and put it on. Brody never moved an inch. By the time I was decent, he had seen every inch of me…including my beet red face. He stood firmly in place, waiting for me to explain what had scared me.

With less fervor than I previously possessed, I pointed at my face with all of my fingertips and said, “Look at my face and neck, Brody! Why didn’t anyone tell me that I looked like this?”

Relieved to find there was no real danger and excited with my unprecedented show of skin, he walked toward me. He stopped so close I could feel a warmth radiating from him that was comparable to the heat of his gaze. In a move sending a shiver from the top of my head to the bottom of my toes, his stare slid around my face, along my neck, and as far down into my cleavage as the loosely tied robe allowed. There, it stayed.

Watching him at that moment, I wished I had stopped myself from donning the stupid robe. I wanted him to see all of me, and I wanted to see all of him with a desperation that made me ache. I thought about untying the belt and letting the robe slip back to the ground. Actually, I wished he would take me in his arms and do that for me.

His voice was even hoarser when he said, “I see the most beautiful woman in the world. In fact, you’re so magnificent that I would do almost anything to see you without that robe, again. Your body is perfect.” Taking a few minutes to catch his ragged breath, he stared long and hard at me. “Allie, I want to see you in my bed with nothing on. I want to touch you…to kiss you…to…,” he stopped, and closed his eyes in an all-out effort to control his emotions.

Shaking from his words and the passion he breathed into each one of them, I wanted to let him know I needed him as badly as he needed me. Instead, I stood silent and motionless unsure of what to do.

Unable to hold back another minute, he leaned over and kissed me very gently on the lips. His restrained effort flamed our already roaring fire. Without meaning to, I moaned with relief the second he touched me. As soon as I did, his kiss became urgent, and he tangled his hand in my hair, pulling me into him and melding our lips together. His other palm massaged my back.

When his hand dropped to the small of my back, I squeezed tightly into him…offered myself to him completely. “Brody, please,” I begged, unbuttoning his shirt and kissing his chest.

My response was unexpected. He stood watching me while I untied the terrycloth robe and let it fall open. Since he was making no move to stop me, I began unbuttoning his jeans. I felt his shiver the second the button was unfastened.

I glanced up at him and found Brody staring at me with the same admiration igniting this moment. Finally, he whispered…

If you’d like to read more, check out Guardians of the Cross, now available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Learn more about author T.R. Graves at http://thewarriorseries.blogspot.com/

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