YA Storytellers: Creepy & Lovin’ It

funfridaysEvery other Friday, the 11 novelists of The Society of YA Storytellers will blog on a common topic. This week it’s “Creepy & Lovin’ It”. To kick off the very first Fun Friday, I’ve got a special treat. Here’s a creepy excerpt from the yet to be released 5th book in the Midnight Guardian series, Book of the Lost. Enjoy!


Arden’s heart pounded fiercely in his chest.
“August!” he yelled, yet the other guardian was nowhere in sight.

The forest was dark, completely dark. The forever night sky, without benefit of moon or stars, would have made navigating the West Woods of Atlantis difficult. The added winding web of tree roots and underbrush made it nearly impossible.

The air was still as if the forest were a living thing, holding its breath. Not even Continue reading “YA Storytellers: Creepy & Lovin’ It”

YA Indie Carnival: Current Work in Progress

This week at the YA Indie Carnival the indies are revealing their works in progress. I’m so excited to see what everyone is working on. Probably not a surprise to anyone here that my time lately is completely dedicated to finishing Shadows Rising, book 4 in the Midnight Guardian series. 

Here’s your first look at the full cover. We start SR in the days just after Midnight Child ended. Keira’s charge, Drew, has been kidnapped and she will do anything to get him back, even if that means marching right through the Empress’s front door.

Beta readers are calling it the most exciting installment in the series yet. Here’s a sneak peek. Continue reading “YA Indie Carnival: Current Work in Progress”

YA Indie Carnival: Some Like It Hot!

Steamy Excerpts are in the big top for this week’s YA Indie Carnival. I’ve got a special one for you from fellow indie author T.R. Graves, I present the following excerpt from Guardians of the Cross.

CAUTION! May be TOO HOT TO HANDLE for some readers.

Inside and with the door closed, I noticed his bathroom mimicked the black-and-white color scheme dominating the bedroom. The only exceptions were the periodic hints of lime green in the form of towels and decorative soaps. The contrasting colors were perfectly balanced and, somehow, striking. As I admired it all, I turned on the water – extra hot – in the over-sized slate and glass shower. While I waited for Continue reading “YA Indie Carnival: Some Like It Hot!”