Dark Moon by Jeannie Gerber

Love, love, love meeting new authors. I met Jeannie Gerber at this year's Mothman Festival and learned about her passion for writing. She has now published her first novel, Dark Moon (Full Moon Series #1). Here's a look... A dark seeded teen fights her way through the perils of high school, the everyday hassles of authority, social pressures, depression, … Continue reading Dark Moon by Jeannie Gerber

YA Author Series: Top 10 Blog Tactics

Crap! There are rules to blogging? I might be in trouble. With this week's topic, I needed to do my research. And here are the results in easily digestible chunks...My Top 10 Best Blog Tactics from other blogs. 10.  Help a Sister Out - (advice by iFabbo) If you see something on another blog that is … Continue reading YA Author Series: Top 10 Blog Tactics

Just Released: Thundering Luv

One of the coolest things I've done as a writer was last Fall when I participated in LM Preston's Facebook Party for the release of The Pack. I hosted a couple of hours from my laptop in the bleachers while waiting for my son's football game to start. I laughed so hard I cried as … Continue reading Just Released: Thundering Luv