Easter Eggs: Shadows Rising

As promised, here are those "easter eggs" that you might have overlooked in Shadows Rising (Midnight Guardian #4). Proceed with caution, this post does include spoilers... EIGHT MOMENTS IN TIME - When you read about Drew throwing snowballs in Midnight Child did you find it strange that a child so small could throw so hard? We learned … Continue reading Easter Eggs: Shadows Rising

YA Indie Carnival: Current Work in Progress

This week at the YA Indie Carnival the indies are revealing their works in progress. I'm so excited to see what everyone is working on. Probably not a surprise to anyone here that my time lately is completely dedicated to finishing Shadows Rising, book 4 in the Midnight Guardian series.  Here's your first look at the … Continue reading YA Indie Carnival: Current Work in Progress

Sneak Peek: Shadows Rising

Here's the scoop... I'm currently wrapping up Shadows Rising (Book 4, Midnight Guardian series) with a tentative Halloween release. The fourth installment begins with the kidnapping of Keira's charge, toddler Drew Hayes. Keira Ryan is pretty much like any midwestern teen girl. Pretty much, except for the fact that she's a guardian, an ancient species dedicated to … Continue reading Sneak Peek: Shadows Rising

YA Indie Carnival: Chemistry Contest

Congrats to Emma Michaels, winner of last week's big YA Indie Carnival Anniversary Giveaway. Emma receives 13 indie novels including books 1-3 of the Midnight Guardian series. Nice! The giveaway was so much fun that we're having another contest this week. Join the YA Indie Carnival for our Chemistry Contest. Here's how it works: Each … Continue reading YA Indie Carnival: Chemistry Contest