WIP: Shadows Rising Sneak Peek

This week’s YA Indie Carnival topic is Work in Progress. I have a special treat for you, an exclusive sneak peek at Book 4 in the Midnight Guardian Series, Shadows Rising, which hits stores this fall.


ImageThe scent of orange and ginger meat roasting over an open flame was nearly choked out by the stench of the alley. Even in the ever present darkness, buyers and sellers packed the market. Low voices rumbled in heated negotiation over things like food and weapons, lit only by a sprinkling of strategically placed torches on the towering outer walls of the Citadel.

The night was warm, season-less, like it always is on the other side of the barrier. Ann Martin and Keira Ryan kept watch over the scene from a secure rooftop above the marketplace just outside the mogdoc Citadel, the home of the Empress.

A light breeze drifted past and lifted Keira’s hair. She moved the stray strands from her face and as she did, her eyes wandered to the satin sky.

“Do you think they miss them?” Keira asked with a sigh.

“Who misses what?” Ann replied, unable to tear her eyes away from her duty.

“The stars,” Keira said. “Do you think the mogdocs miss them? It depresses me every time I’m here and I don’t even live here.”

Ann shrugged, “I don’t suppose they have a choice. It’s not like they can leave Atlantis. Anyway, I doubt they really care.”

Keira nodded. The mogdocs didn’t seem to care about anything, but themselves.

Ann focused through her binoculars on a man in a dark corner near the gates that led to the non-public interior of the Citadel. The man would have been hard to see in the shadows if he wasn’t wearing white. She held her breath and focused on him as he started to move. Reaching from beneath a white unionist robe, Jumper Johnson flashed two fingers in the air twice.


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    1. The Midnight Guardian series is the story of Keira Ryan. Keira is a guardian, a being on which the legend of the tooth fairy was based. Forget the fairy dust and quarters, she’s nothing like the tooth fairies that we grew up hearing about…in fact, she’d probably deck you if you called her one. Turns out that Keira is a very special guardian. Many of the guardians believe her to be the “child of sun & moon” from prophecy. The child’s destiny is to bring forth the fall of the House of Gammen, the tyrannic leaders of a gremlin-like race of creatures that centuries ago the guardians banished from the Earth. Trouble is…they’re close to finding a way back. The series is a continuing story, rather than standalones, so I recommend starting at the beginning with Book 1, Of Sun & Moon

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