Fiction Fireworks…kaboom baby!

fireworksHere in Ohio, flags are flying on porches, kids have sparklers in hand, and my husband has eaten his weight in watermelon. We’re getting ready to celebrate Independence Day. The YA Indie Carnival is celebrating too with this week’s topic…Fiction Fireworks!

I recall seeing a TV special about the world famous Zambelli family. The Zambelli’s are responsible for some of the most outstanding fireworks displays in the world. On that TV special, they talked about the recipe for creating great fireworks. I wonder if fiction fireworks work the same way.

Let’s take a look at one of the most famous modern fiction couples and talk about what makes them explosive – Edward Cullen & Bella Swan

If I was hungry, I mean super hungry, I couldn’t imagine kissing a Big Mac instead of eating it. Kidding aside, the prospect of impropriety and danger drew legions of fans into Edward and Bella’s romance. Don’t we always want what we can’t have?

Edward waits decades for Bella. In fact, he’s pretty much given up on finding someone special when she shows up in Forks. While the danger aspect brings fans in, I think that the promise that there is someone out there for everyone, i.e. a soul mate, is why fans read the books over and over again. Hope is a powerful thing.

While Robbie Pat plays it hesitant and a little unsure in the movies, Edward in the books came across to me as very confident, the complete opposite of the shy and insecure Bella Swan. Their opposite traits don’t stop there. Immortal vs. Mortal. Confident vs. Shy. Graceful vs. Clumsy. Aggressive vs. Passive.

The Twilight Fireworks Recipe: Longing, Forbidden Love, Danger, Hope, Opposites.

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