Early Fun Friday: Black Friday Must-Buy Books

funfridaysI’m still cleaning for Thanksgiving guests so hopefully it’s not Friday. No, it’s Wednesday and this week’s Fun Friday post is early because we’re talking about Must-Buy Books for Black Friday.

I’m a pretty relaxed reader and busy mom so I never read as much as I’d like. I made it my mission to read more books this year, and I’ve been doing fairly well. Here are some of my faves so far. Be sure to add them to your gift list this holiday season.

HUNTER by KC Blake. I had the opportunity to review an advance copy of this novel. To say it is action-packed is an understatement. It’s the story of Bay-Lee, trained as one of the Van Helsing family to fight the monsters of the Spirit Realm. This is the second book in the Order of the Spirit Realm series, the first one is called Bait.

Prince of Wolves Createspace (4)PRINCE OF WOLVES by Quinn Loftis. It was so easy to get pulled into this world of werewolves and a curious teenage girl. You know me, I always love a story about a strong girl and this one has that in spades. Continue reading “Early Fun Friday: Black Friday Must-Buy Books”

YA Indie Carnival: Villains Worth a Vote

From the side show barker to the ring master, all the carnies are casting their ballots this week. The vote? It’s whatever we choose.

Here in the U.S., we’ve spent a great deal of time lately trying to determine who’s really a good guy/gal so that we could bestow upon them our trust to run our great country. Well, that’s left me a little burnt out. I’m sick of trying to figure out who’s the good guy. I’m ready for Continue reading “YA Indie Carnival: Villains Worth a Vote”

Beat the Heat: My Summer TBR

The YA Indie Carnival assignment for this week is to give our summer book recommendations just in time for Labor Day weekend in the US. It’s been a busy summer. Despite the heat, I’ve been able to consume a few cool books. Yet, I still have a number of promising tomes on my TBR list.

I know what you’re thinking. No, I didn’t read it. You know the one that I’m talking about. The one with the colorless cover and the flurry of Continue reading “Beat the Heat: My Summer TBR”

YA Indie Carnival: YA Picks for Mom


This week in the big top we’re discussing books that Mom would love. In preparation for today’s assignment, I asked my mother what she is currently reading. She said that she’s reading Midnight Child again. I absolutely didn’t expect that. Ain’t that like a Mom? Supportive even when we don’t know they’re being supportive.

I asked Mom to put together her TBR list. I needed to stop and explain what TBR is, though I didn’t mind. You definitely won’t find her on Continue reading “YA Indie Carnival: YA Picks for Mom”

WIP: Shadows Rising Sneak Peek

This week’s YA Indie Carnival topic is Work in Progress. I have a special treat for you, an exclusive sneak peek at Book 4 in the Midnight Guardian Series, Shadows Rising, which hits stores this fall.


ImageThe scent of orange and ginger meat roasting over an open flame was nearly choked out by the stench of the alley. Even in the ever present darkness, buyers and sellers packed the market. Low voices rumbled in heated negotiation over things like food and weapons, lit only by a sprinkling of strategically placed torches on the towering outer walls of the Citadel.

The night was warm, season-less, like it always is on the other side of the barrier. Ann Martin and Keira Ryan kept watch over the scene from a secure rooftop above the marketplace just outside the mogdoc Citadel, the home of the Empress.

A light breeze drifted past and lifted Keira’s hair. She moved the stray strands from her face and as she did, her eyes wandered to the satin sky.

“Do you think they miss them?” Keira asked with a sigh.

“Who misses what?” Ann replied, unable to tear her eyes away from her duty.

“The stars,” Keira said. “Do you think Continue reading “WIP: Shadows Rising Sneak Peek”