Fiction Fireworks…kaboom baby!

Here in Ohio, flags are flying on porches, kids have sparklers in hand, and my husband has eaten his weight in watermelon. We're getting ready to celebrate Independence Day. The YA Indie Carnival is celebrating too with this week's topic...Fiction Fireworks! I recall seeing a TV special about the world famous Zambelli family. The Zambelli's … Continue reading Fiction Fireworks…kaboom baby!

YA Indie Carnival: Kiss & ______

This week's Indie Carnival is all about Kiss and Tell. No doubt, my fellow indies have posted kissing scenes from their brilliant works. They are a very talented bunch, so be sure to check them out. I posted my kissing scene excerpt too. This is an excerpt from my newest novel, Midnight Child, which releases … Continue reading YA Indie Carnival: Kiss & ______

YA Indie Carnival: Gobble! Gobble! A Thanksgiving Story

This week the YA Indie Carnival is dishing up Thanksgiving stories. Since both sides of the family are headed over the river and through the woods to my house for the holiday, I have a full plate (pun totally intended). Therefore, I decided to post early and to share this "deleted scene" from Midnight Child … Continue reading YA Indie Carnival: Gobble! Gobble! A Thanksgiving Story

Interview with Empress Gammen

The Mogdoc News Network will broadcast an exclusive "live" interview with Empress Broo Gammen this Friday at midnight (eastern) via Twitter @MogdocNews.  She's confident, blond, and in charge. Who knows what the Empress will say? If you have any questions for Empress Gammen (aka Brooke Banes), please comment on this post with them or on … Continue reading Interview with Empress Gammen