Countdown to Dawn: Clueless to Twihard

It took New Moon reaching theaters before I would finally admit to being a Twi-Mom. To mark the release of the last film of the saga, I’m sharing my journey from Clueless to Twihard.

So where did it start for me? Back in 2008, I was playing around with Flair in Facebook. You remember that? It was (still is) that FB app where you collect and share virtual buttons to put on your virtual cork board. Anyway, I was doing a search for some of my fave things and I searched Continue reading “Countdown to Dawn: Clueless to Twihard”

Shock & Giggles: Most Memorable Fan Experiences

This week in the YA Indie Carnival we were asked to write about our most memorable fan experience. I am fortunate to have a few.

I recall a little brown eyed, brown haired girl that attended the Midnight Child launch party. She couldn’t have been more than ten or eleven and looked a lot like I did at that age. She giggled when she asked me to sign her book and giggled again when she told me that William was her favorite character. She asked me if I had read Twilight and if I was Team Edward or Jacob. When I told her Continue reading “Shock & Giggles: Most Memorable Fan Experiences”

Even vampires have to change it up sometimes

ImageI was at one of my favorite local restaurants (The Wounded Goose) the other day and noticed that they have a new item on the menu called “The Vampire Slayer Burger”. With garlic mayo, onions, and extra garlic, it is touted to bring even the oldest vamp to his knees. After a good laugh, my dinner mates and I started talking about how the rules have changed since the days of Buffy.

When did it become generally accepted that vampires are okay with garlic?

Seems like when I was a kid everyone knew the rules. Vampires are hurt by garlic, holy water, and crosses; killed by wooden stakes, sunlight, or beheading. However, it seems that most books in the vampire genre today are bending those rules or making their own. Don’t get me wrong, it can make a story more interesting. After all, who would have ever dreamed that a sparkly vampire would be drooled over by legions of fans?

But it leads me to wonder…are any rules sacred where vampires are concerned? Will someone write a book where vampires aren’t immortal, but have only a day to live? Is there a story somewhere in the works that has vampires who go public and give blood almost as freely as they take it? Oh wait, that one already exists (Southern Vampire novels a.k.a. Sookie Stackhouse).

Who knows? Maybe a couple of years from now we’ll all be salivating over a vampire that turns blue when he’s sad. Then again, maybe he’ll just be a werewolf. 😉

Fiction Fireworks…kaboom baby!

fireworksHere in Ohio, flags are flying on porches, kids have sparklers in hand, and my husband has eaten his weight in watermelon. We’re getting ready to celebrate Independence Day. The YA Indie Carnival is celebrating too with this week’s topic…Fiction Fireworks!

I recall seeing a TV special about the world famous Zambelli family. The Zambelli’s are responsible for some of the most outstanding fireworks displays in the world. On that TV special, they talked about the recipe for creating great fireworks. I wonder if fiction fireworks work the same way.

Let’s take a look at one of the most famous modern fiction couples and talk about what makes them explosive – Edward Cullen & Bella Swan

If I was hungry, I mean super hungry, I couldn’t imagine kissing a Big Mac instead of eating it. Kidding aside, the prospect of impropriety and danger drew legions of fans into Edward and Bella’s romance. Don’t we always want what we can’t have?

Edward waits decades for Bella. In fact, he’s pretty much Continue reading “Fiction Fireworks…kaboom baby!”

My Top 10 Favorite Love Triangles

After a week of whining to friends and family, I finally convinced someone to go with me to see Breaking Dawn. In honor of the victory, I’m posting My Top 10 Favorite Love Triangles (YA Book Edition). It was really hard to narrow them down, so if you have any additions, post a Comment.

10. Erin, Jason, Zach in the Songs of Magic series by J.L. Bryan

Jason is so completely lovable. There are hints that Erin may not be as perfect as he thinks she is. Her boyfriend, regional male model Zach, cracks me up with his “important” gigs like for Uncle Otto’s Authentic German Pizza.

9. Jack, Peter, Alice in the My Blood Approves series by Amanda Hocking

Is love about the body or soul? Alice meets Jack. She starts falling for his sense of humor and kindness. Then she meets Jack’s brother, for whom she’s feels an overwhelming physical bond.

8. Jolie, Sinjin, Rand in the Jolie Wilkins series by H.P. Mallory

Vamp or Wizard? Rand and Sinjin are equally hot, equally powerful, and equally mysterious. Jolie’s no slouch either.

7. Stefan, Damon, Elena in the Vampire Diaries by L.J. Smith

When attraction threatens to pull apart brothers, drama ensues.

6. Edward, Jacob, Bella in the Twilight series by Stephenie Meyer

I know what you’re thinking. You whined to see the movie then you placed them all the way down the list at six? Really? Yes, really. While I love the movies, I wasn’t exactly gaga over the books which I read before I saw the movies. And this list is based on the books…hence the six. In its favor, I think there is something very insightful about the idea that the perfect person for you may not be your soul mate.

5. Mercy, Adam, Samuel in the Mercedes Thompson series by Patricia Briggs

It’s a choice between the past and present…a second chance or moving on. She’s chosen, but I can’t help but think that nothing is permanent. Forget Mercy, I’m in love with Samuel.

4. Claire, Shane, Myrnin in the Morganville Vampires series by Rachel Caine

Okay, so you caught me. This isn’t exactly a love triangle…yet. The hints are all there and it seems inevitable. Do you love me for my mind or body? Does it make a difference if one suitor is wicked deadly and mad as a hatter? When it all hits the fan it will be amazing.

3. Katniss, Peeta, Gayle in the Hunger Games Trilogy by Suzanne Collins

He may need alot of saving, but I always routed for Peeta and you can’t convince me otherwise.

2. Sookie, Eric, Bill in the Southern Vampire series by Charlaine Harris

It’ll be allright, Sookie. I’m torn between them too. Two powerful vamps who need a partial fairy to bring out the human in them.

1. Keira, Colby, William in the Midnight Guardian series by yours truly

It’s my list, so did you expect otherwise? I love writing for these characters. If love is a fire, is it better started by a spark or embers? Do opposites attract?

Sixteen minutes after midnight

As I began to write this post, the clock struck exactly sixteen minutes after midnight. The house is completely quiet. There is a huge storm outside and I’m curled up on the couch watching Twilight for the millionth time. It occurred to me that this is probably every paranormal junkie’s idea of the perfect evening.

Anyway, I’ve been hard at work on finishing out Book 2 in the Midnight Guardian Series. The title will be Whispering Evil. Looks like release will be in mid to late June.

Of Sun & Moon ended with Nana’s birthday party. Whispering Evil starts a few weeks after when Nana departs and leaves Keira in the care of her parents. There are a couple of new characters: a handsome, young guardian named Arden Wright and Keira’s grandfather and guardian elder, Kendric Ryan. We also get a look at Elsted, the guardian village located high in the mountains above the banished city.

Empress Broo takes control and Keira gets impatient (no surprise). Ann and Katie get some time traveling in. Team William and Team Colby fans will have more to argue about. And Jumper…well, he’s just as awesome as ever.