Places that inspired the world of the Midnight Guardian

Because the Midnight Guardian series is based in southern Ohio and because I actually live in southern Ohio, I'm often asked about places that I write. Everyone wants to know the same thing. "That place in the book seems so familiar," they say, "what place is it really?" The answer isn't easy. I don't write … Continue reading Places that inspired the world of the Midnight Guardian

Celebrating National Library Week

Happy National Library Week Everyone!! Even in small towns like mine, we are so blessed to have such robust libraries with strong collections and expert staffing. Please don’t take them for granted. This week, come out to the Davis Library on the campus of the University of Rio Grande in Rio Grande, Ohio, to see my … Continue reading Celebrating National Library Week

YA Indie Carnival: Spooky, Scary, Eerie

Happy Halloween EveryBODY! Muwhahaha! In the "spirit" of the holiday, this week's YA Indie Carnival posts are about the Spooky, the Scary, & the Eerie. That puts me in mind of a fave ghost story from my hometown. In the mid 1800s, there was an old man by the name of Deluse. He lived alone … Continue reading YA Indie Carnival: Spooky, Scary, Eerie

Recon at the mouth of the serpent

Yesterday, I headed to The Great Serpent Mound in Adams County for some research. It will be an important locale for Book 3 in the Midnight Guardian series. Part of southern Ohio history, the mound was created by an early people in the likeness of an uncoiling snake with an egg near the snake's mouth. … Continue reading Recon at the mouth of the serpent

Where to Buy

I've received several requests recently for the entire list of places where you can purchase Of Sun & Moon, so here it is. Below are direct links. When looking for it, I've found that you can find it much easier by searching for me as the author, Bryna Butler. Apparently there are dozens of books … Continue reading Where to Buy