Vacationing in the Lost City of Atlantis?

Ran across this today. Over the years, I’ve been known to send this travel advisory to enthusiastic Midnight Guardian readers.


The Mogdoc Royal Empire has been informed of your imminent crossing of the barrier. According to our records, you have been classified as HUMAN. Therefore, we would like to welcome you to the beautiful, lost continent of Atlantis.

We hope you find our residents charming. If any should extend an invitation to dinner, please do not hesitate to comply.

Just a few rules to help make your trip more enjoyable…

Bring a flashlight

The evil that banished our land across the barrier plunged us into a world without sun or moon, a land of forever night. From our experience, humans often find it difficult to see in the dark without assistance. This beacon will also make it easier for us to find you if you should escape become lost.

Discard your Token upon arrival

While it is true that humans must hold an Atlantis token to cross the barrier, once you arrive you should discard it or hand it over to the nearest mogdoc authority. Common sense may tell you that you need to hold onto it to get back, but common sense is so overrated.

Avoid the village known as Elsted

Please know that this destination is not a safe haven for humans as you may have been told. It is old, secluded, and infested with rodents.

Never question these rules.

You can trust us, we’re mogdocs.

We hungrily await your arrival.

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Recon at the mouth of the serpent

serpent moundYesterday, I headed to The Great Serpent Mound in Adams County for some research. It will be an important locale for Book 3 in the Midnight Guardian series. Part of southern Ohio history, the mound was created by an early people in the likeness of an uncoiling snake with an egg near the snake’s mouth.

Scientists first believed that the Adena people of 800 BC – 100 AD built the effigy. Burial mounds located near the serpent were from that time period. However, more recently evidence was gathered that indicates the mound could have been built by the later Fort Ancient culture (1000-1550 AD), which had a nearby village.

My grandmother first took me to Serpent Mound as a little girl and I was always intrigued by it. Walking the trail, there are signs to point out how the serpent was laid out in conjunction with sunrise and moonrise, aligning with the solstices. At approximately 3 feet tall and over 1300 feet long, the mound is an amazement…considering that the bulldozer hadn’t yet been invented.

Of course, there are many fictional tales regarding the creation of Serpent Mound. There’s even one about it being built by the refugees of Atlantis. Hmmmm…

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