Indie Life: Engaging the Classroom

IndieLife7One of the most rewarding experiences I’ve had as an author is the opportunity to go back to school. No, it’s not what you think. I’m not breaking open the textbooks, but I have been invited to speak to students about writing or reading in general.

Last year, I was invited to help close out Right to Read Week at an elementary in southern Ohio. In the morning, we did some random dancing whenever Continue reading “Indie Life: Engaging the Classroom”

YA Indie Carnival Giveaway

christmas book giveawayMerry Christmas!

It’s that time of year again, when the YA Author Sponsors host a giveaway meant to build a following. Anyone interested in participating will have from 12/14 to 12/21 to visit our blogs, read/respond to our questions, AND join any or all of our sites in order to be entered for the giveaway. The winner will receive seventeen wonderfully, exciting books (plus a few other prizes) by some amazing authors. The grand prize winner will be announced on December 24th right here on this blog. Don’t delay. Go to the YA Indie Carnival website at scroll down to the Rafflecopter, enter, and visit our blogs.

Giveaway Package Includes:
Transfer Student by Laura A.H. Elliott

Shadow Slayer (Shadow Series, #2) by Laura A.H. Elliott

Vampires Rule (The Rule #1) by K.C. Blake
Werewolves Rule by K.C. Blake
Raven (The Raven Saga, #1) by Suzy Turner
December Moon (The Raven Saga, #2) by Suzy Turner
The Lost Soul (The Raven Saga, #3) by Suzy Turner
The Ghost of Josiah Grimshaw by Suzy Turner
Golden Blood (Time Spirit Trilogy, #1) by Melissa Pearl
Black Blood (Time Spirit Trilogy, #2) by Melissa Pearl
Pure Blood (Time Spirit Trilogy, #3) by Melissa Pearl
Of Sun & Moon (Midnight Guardian, #1) by Bryna Butler
Warriors of the Cross (Warrior, #1) by T.R. Graves
Guardians of the Cross (Warrior #2) by T.R. Graves

Enemies of the Cross (Warrior, #3) by T.R. Graves
Red Madrassa (Algardis #1) by Terah Edun
Pazuzu’s Girl by Rachel Cole

YA Indie Carnival: It’s All About the Swag

YA Paranormal bookmark

Just this week, I received brand new bookmarks (left) for the upcoming Mothman Festival in Point Pleasant, West Virginia. I love the beading on the end of the tassel. You can’t tell by the pic, but it sparkles like the whole night sky is jammed in it. Stop by the booth and I’ll show you what I mean. I hear that I’ll be located near the nefarious Mothman statue.

And speaking of bookmarks, this week’s Main Attraction in the YA Indie Carnival is SWAG. Swag can be anything from bookmarks to t-shirts; from refrigerator magnets to jewelry. The author’s (or the marketer’s) imagination is the only limit.

Over the last month, I asked book reviewers about Continue reading “YA Indie Carnival: It’s All About the Swag”

What do you get when you mix a seamstress with a banker?

Pinterest, of course! Yeah, they don’t call me the Queen of Corn for nothing. I couldn’t help making the awful joke as a segue into this week’s YA Indie Carnival topic.

How do indie writers use Pinterest?

I’ve been dabbling in this social medium for a while now. I can tell you Continue reading “What do you get when you mix a seamstress with a banker?”

Big Bads of Indie

This week’s indie carnival topic is Villains. The nastiest nasty I’ve written about has got to be Bov Gammen.

The son of the original boogeyman, Bov certainly lived up to his father’s example. He ruled the Mogdoc Empire with ruthless determination and harvested humans like grapes for their fine wine. Now that he has passed on (death at the tip of a poisoned dagger),
only time will tell if his children, Broo and Brun, will carry on his legacy.

You can read about Bov in OF SUN & MOON.

Read about other Big Bads from these indie authors at