YA Indie Carnival Giveaway

Merry Christmas! It's that time of year again, when the¬†YA Author Sponsors¬†host a giveaway meant to build a following. Anyone interested in participating will have from 12/14 to 12/21 to visit our blogs, read/respond to our questions, AND join any or all of our sites in order to be entered for the giveaway. The winner … Continue reading YA Indie Carnival Giveaway

Working on Book 3

I've been working on Book 3 which I call Midnight Child. It's coming along really nicely and I expect to have it in publication in early 2012. There's alot going into it, so it will likely be larger than the first two books. Midnight Child will have more action. Keira starts her search for the … Continue reading Working on Book 3