Morganville Vampires Series is here!

See if you can spot my book, Of Sun & Moon, in episode 6 or any of the other Midnight Guardian books in the Glass house throughout the season 1.

YouTube orders the playlist by date they were posted, so click on the list icon in the top left corner to change to episode 1 and start from the beginning.

Indie Life: Celebrating a Milestone

IndieLife7Every second Wednesday of the month, indie writers band together to post a little inspiration for the journey.

This month, I write to celebrate a milestone. On January 11th, 2014, my first novel, Of Sun & Moonrocketed to #1 on the Amazon U.S. Top Free eBook list in two categories: Teen & YA Supernatural Mystery and Teen & YA Romantic Mystery. It also grabbed  Continue reading “Indie Life: Celebrating a Milestone”

Shock & Giggles: Most Memorable Fan Experiences

This week in the YA Indie Carnival we were asked to write about our most memorable fan experience. I am fortunate to have a few.

I recall a little brown eyed, brown haired girl that attended the Midnight Child launch party. She couldn’t have been more than ten or eleven and looked a lot like I did at that age. She giggled when she asked me to sign her book and giggled again when she told me that William was her favorite character. She asked me if I had read Twilight and if I was Team Edward or Jacob. When I told her Continue reading “Shock & Giggles: Most Memorable Fan Experiences”

Big Bads of Indie

This week’s indie carnival topic is Villains. The nastiest nasty I’ve written about has got to be Bov Gammen.

The son of the original boogeyman, Bov certainly lived up to his father’s example. He ruled the Mogdoc Empire with ruthless determination and harvested humans like grapes for their fine wine. Now that he has passed on (death at the tip of a poisoned dagger),
only time will tell if his children, Broo and Brun, will carry on his legacy.

You can read about Bov in OF SUN & MOON.

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