Fun Friday: Best of “Host a Storyteller”

It's Fun Friday again for The Society of YA Storytellers. This week's theme is "Host a Storyteller". I had the privilege of matching up authors this week. Since I stepped out this week to facilitate the matches, I thought I'd showcase them all! Here's my Best of "Host a Storyteller": Heather Hildenbrand tells Liz Long that … Continue reading Fun Friday: Best of “Host a Storyteller”

Interview with Heather Hildenbrand

Wahoo! Today's fun is all about getting to know The Society of YA Storytellers authors. My assignment--interview the brilliant and #hashtagaddicted HEATHER HILDENBRAND. After the interview, trek on over to The Society's site for Heather's "Whose Dream Girl Are You?" Quiz in the Game Zone. Me: Can you tell me about your recently released work? … Continue reading Interview with Heather Hildenbrand

Indie Author Spotlight: K.C. BLAKE

I've been reading a great novel called Vampires Rule. It's about a boy who was turned into a vampire and by the bite of a werewolf turned back into human (maybe a little more than human). It's also about a girl vampire hunter that could rival Buffy any day. I'm loving this story, but decided to put … Continue reading Indie Author Spotlight: K.C. BLAKE

YA Indie Spotlight: RACHEL COLES

Rachel Coles, author of Pazuzu's Girl, Into the Ruins, and Beyond The Veil, lives with her family in Denver, Colorado. She works in public health disaster preparedness. She enjoys researching mythology to incorporate into story-telling. Her family and friends share her enthusiasm for fantasy and science fiction, she is the proud mom of one of the … Continue reading YA Indie Spotlight: RACHEL COLES

YA Indie Carnival Spotlight: SUZY TURNER

This week, SUZY TURNER is in the Carnival's center ring. Turner is the author of Raven, December Moon, The Ghost of Josiah Grimshaw, Daisy Madigan's Paradise, and my personal favorite, The Lost Soul. Suzy is a pretty cool chick. She's worked as a journalist, a magazine editor, and even a script supervisor on a feature … Continue reading YA Indie Carnival Spotlight: SUZY TURNER

Where to Buy

I've received several requests recently for the entire list of places where you can purchase Of Sun & Moon, so here it is. Below are direct links. When looking for it, I've found that you can find it much easier by searching for me as the author, Bryna Butler. Apparently there are dozens of books … Continue reading Where to Buy