Mothman Mysteries 2 coming in April 8th


Where will you be when all hail breaks loose?

When a masked terrorist wields a deadly storm to force the men in black into lockdown, Eric and Bridget are suddenly separated. With Bridget on the inside and Eric on the outside, the two race to beat the clock and open the doors before the suits make the ultimate sacrifice to prevent the base from falling into enemy hands.

Get ready for a quirky thrill ride full of spunky book blogger rants, sneaky twists, liberally-used nicknames, smoldering smirks from Mothman, and even a hippy vampire. Hold on kiddos, it’s Mothman verses the Weather Machine!

About the Series:
The Mothman Mysteries are set in the same universe with the same characters, but the books are standalone mysteries and can be read in any order. Considered a clean teen series, suitable even for pre-teens. Humorous teen paranormal mysteries in the vein of Doctor Who and The Dresden Files.


Thank you – Thank you – Thank you

OF SUN & MOON just hit no. 1 bestseller on the Amazon Top Free Teen & Young Adult Fantasy & Supernatural Mystery eBooks and #2 in the Teen Romantic Mystery category. So exciting…I’m shaking as I type. Thank you for your support and general awesomeness.



The Feel of Paper


I approved the print version of Of Sun & Moon today. I have to admit, I was thrilled to see it in the ebook stores, but actually holding it in my hands was a whole new sensation. I actually hugged it.

Available now at Createspace (soon at Amazon):

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