Places that inspired the world of the Midnight Guardian

Hurricane-Sandy-flavored-ice-cream-at-Magic-Fountain (1)Because the Midnight Guardian series is based in southern Ohio and because I actually live in southern Ohio, I’m often asked about places that I write. Everyone wants to know the same thing. “That place in the book seems so familiar,” they say, “what place is it really?”

The answer isn’t easy. I don’t write about a specific place and just change the name. My settings are often compilations of multiple locales with a dash of artistic flair mixed in.

I’m most asked about the Dairy Dog, a seasonal ice cream/hotdog stand in the series. These summer-only shops are part of the landscape in southern Ohio. You’ll find one in every town and village.

I took most of my inspiration from Briskers Dairy Bar (formerly in Oak Hill, Ohio) and the Dairy Boy in Crown City, Ohio. I also drew on my memories of the Jumbo (formerly in Rio Grande, Ohio) and Swirly Top (Jackson, Ohio). To those inspirations I added a much coveted strawberry shake, a gazebo with honeysuckle and twinkling lights, and in Shadows Rising I added live music.

For pics that inspire and remind me of Keira’s world, check out my ALL THINGS MOGDOC board on pinterest.