Big Bads of Indie

This week’s indie carnival topic is Villains. The nastiest nasty I’ve written about has got to be Bov Gammen.

The son of the original boogeyman, Bov certainly lived up to his father’s example. He ruled the Mogdoc Empire with ruthless determination and harvested humans like grapes for their fine wine. Now that he has passed on (death at the tip of a poisoned dagger),
only time will tell if his children, Broo and Brun, will carry on his legacy.

You can read about Bov in OF SUN & MOON.

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Sixteen minutes after midnight

As I began to write this post, the clock struck exactly sixteen minutes after midnight. The house is completely quiet. There is a huge storm outside and I’m curled up on the couch watching Twilight for the millionth time. It occurred to me that this is probably every paranormal junkie’s idea of the perfect evening.

Anyway, I’ve been hard at work on finishing out Book 2 in the Midnight Guardian Series. The title will be Whispering Evil. Looks like release will be in mid to late June.

Of Sun & Moon ended with Nana’s birthday party. Whispering Evil starts a few weeks after when Nana departs and leaves Keira in the care of her parents. There are a couple of new characters: a handsome, young guardian named Arden Wright and Keira’s grandfather and guardian elder, Kendric Ryan. We also get a look at Elsted, the guardian village located high in the mountains above the banished city.

Empress Broo takes control and Keira gets impatient (no surprise). Ann and Katie get some time traveling in. Team William and Team Colby fans will have more to argue about. And Jumper…well, he’s just as awesome as ever.