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Favorite character you have written
The first novel in my new series is being released on October 13th and features my favorite character I have ever written. While you might expect it to be the main character, Iris, it is actually her friend and the woman hired to help her with her health; Diana. Diana has a special place in my heart because she is based off someone I cared about deeply. Growing up I had a best friend who was practically my sister. I stayed at her house more than my own home and we were inseparable.

I was raised by a single dad and she was being raised by a single mother so while there I became very attached to her mother Diana who taught me a lot about kindness, sacrifice and unconditional love. In the end, she sacrificed herself for her children in a tragic accident and while they all could have died, she made sure she was the only one hit saving her three children.

For a long time I didn’t feel like I could talk to anyone about it because she wasn’t my mother and I felt I had no right to feel the way I did. While writing Owlet, at first I named the character Diana, not sure why I was doing it but as it went on I realized that I really did imagine the character in my novel as a younger version of the woman I had known and loved.

While almost all of my characters have no one in my life they are based on, she does and somehow that makes her character even closer to my heart. The character Diana, in Owlet is my way of keeping the woman I had loved alive along with the beliefs she instilled in me.

Thank you for having me on your blog, to everyone reading and to LM Preston for hosting this wonderful tour! Stop by her Facebook page on September 9th for a chance to join in the party for The Pack – Retribution! It is going to be a blast!

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I’ve got some fun online stuff planned over the next week or so. Here’s a sneak peak:
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Oh, and I was so busy prepping for the Mothman Festival that I totally forgot about my YA Indie Carnival post. Whoops! I’ve only missed one in the past year. Bummer, now that’s two. Anyway, we were supposed to blog about where we write. My husband and I share a desk. Well, he thinks it’s his desk and he’s probably right because it’s loaded with things like corn seed invoices, soil tests,  and soybean weigh slips. I usually let him win that one, and I take my laptop to the picnic table on the back porch. The view is absolutely inspiring.




Unfurl the official Blog Tour

Join me on January 26th for a special character interview to celebrate Unfurl the final installment of Cidney Swanson’s exciting Rippler trilogy.

In the meanwhile, you can read more about my fellow indie author at And check out the first two books, Rippler (Book 1) and Chameleon (Book 2) available now at Amazon.

Dec. 16 Tour Stop

Did you know that I am a “bad ace”. Wait a sec, I have to pick my husband off the floor because he’s laughing so hard. Anyway, I’m one of the “bad ace” authors hosting the Official Callum & Harper Blog Tour. The tour will stop here on December 16th. I’ll interview C&H Author Fisher Amelie, should be pretty awesome. and she called me Beautiful Bryna – check it out

I’m running off to join the carnival


No, I’m not training for the flying trapeze. I am thrilled to announce that yours truly is the newest author to join the 2011 YA Indie Carnival.

What’s the YA Indie Carnival? That’s a great question. How did you get to be so brilliant?

Every Friday, participating authors will be posed a topic to blog about. I’m in some great company; including, Courtney Cole (I just finished her book Every Last Kiss and loved it), Patti Larsen, Laura A. H. Elliott, Cheri Schmidt, Kimberly Kinrade, Wren Emerson, Amy Jones, T.R. Graves, J.L. Bryan and more. Take a look at the full list of participating authors.

Check back on Friday and join the carnival fun…red nose and rainbow wig optional.