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ThunderingLuvOne of the coolest things I’ve done as a writer was last Fall when I participated in LM Preston‘s Facebook Party for the release of The Pack. I hosted a couple of hours from my laptop in the bleachers while waiting for my son’s football game to start. I laughed so hard I cried as we played games like Who’s your favorite Kick-butt Heroine? and Caption this Pic.

So when L.M. told me she has just released her newest book, I had to give her a mention. It’s a YA summer romance. I’m luvin’ the cover. Looks like a good one. Check it out at


Are You Coming to LM’s Party?

LM Preston has released her newest novel, The Pack-Retribution and she’s asked me to join in the excitement. Hope you’ve been following my recent posts about some cool YA authors. That’s all part of the excitement that I’m talking about. And there’s more this weekend…

TWITTER PARTY: Friday, 9/28 at 7pm-9pm EST, use the hashtag #ThePackRetributionParty and @LM_Preston prizes include $10 Amazon Gift cards for 3 winners & books, swag prizes – my (Bryna’s) handle is @mogdocnews

FACEBOOK PARTY on Saturday 9/29 – http://www.facebook.com/events/337549946331607/

Spotlight Authors, trivia games, food, itunes gift cards, list of freebie party favors, interactive chatting, singing, dancing, nonstop games, music, prizes and free stuff!! Author segments each hour that are themed and more giveaways!!!

Prize list:

– itunes gift cards
– free books of course 😀
– Swag galore from multiple authors and so much more

11am – LM Preston Opens Party
12pm – KaSonndra Leigh
1pm – Nicole Olea
2pm – LM Preston
3pm – Emma Michaels
4pm – Nicole Langdan (Tribute-Books)
5pm – Nicole Langdan (Tribute-Books)
6pm – Nagede
7pm – Lindsey Sablowski
8pm – Bryna Butler
9pm – Christina Leigh Pritchard
10pm – LM Preston Closing Party

BIG GIVEAWAY – Go here to Enter: http://www.rafflecopter.com/rafl/display/bc05447/
Check out LM Preston’s
THE PACK – RETRIBUTION, Revenge has met it’s match, and she has someone worth fighting for….

Guest Post by KaSonndra Leigh

The Lost Immortals Book One: When Copper Suns Fall
By KaSonndra Leigh

Faris Toulan Interview

The interview works like this: I’m inviting Faris to the present (2012).

Can you introduce yourself to us?
Name’s Faris. Faris Toulan. I’m a Caducean, a demon slayer. There isn’t really much else to say. **Glances at me with a set of intense gray eyes that shimmer inside the irises. I wonder if they’re really gray, or could they be silver** People around you might not understand why my skills are necessary in this day and time, but they will. You’ll be glad you had this interview with me.

In what way are you connected to Chela?
Hmm. **massages the back of his neck as he thinks about this** Our connection is, well…difficult to explain. You see, if I tell you about it, then you’d be at risk. **I’m dying to know what he means. Before I can say anything, he continues.** That means I’d have to take a part of your memories. I can do that, you know. **I suck my breath. Did he just read my mind?** I’ll do anything to protect Chela. Our connection is beyond words.
What can you say about your life?

I told you, there isn’t really much I can say. But I will tell you to be happy with what you’ve got today. Your blue skies, clean air. **he glances toward the window beside us, staring at it a long moment** Are those birds outside? 55 years in the future, that would be in this world after the Tidal Years, there are no birds. They’re gone. Poof. Vanished. You have robots. Big, black, ugly crows with cameras for eyes. They’re looking for me. Or rather, people like me. I’m an outcast according to the new leaders. They blame the Caduceans for what happened in the past: wars, earthquakes, hurricanes. **A distant look clouds his eyes. I want to know what they’re seeing**

What do you think of the present world? (2012)

You’re lucky. Very lucky. See my last answer if you need proof of that.

What’s the strangest thing you’ve seen here so far? Why?

Everything about this world seems strange since the last time I was here. In my world, you get used to seeing dark stuff everywhere. Black waters, black beaches, gray skies. **I wonder what he means, but I’ve learned to be patient with him.** I’ve been here before, you know. How is that possible? I can hear your thoughts so easily. **He smiles, a drop-down-dead-gorgeous smile with one dimple on the left cheek. My cheeks are probably blushing tomato red** You’ll have to read about my story to see how I got here. And your outdated cellereaders crack me up. **He means my cell phone lying on the desk beside us. He’s giving it a look of pure pity. I tell him this is the 4G version of the latest Droid. And I’m kinda mad because I used six months worth of my wages to buy it.** The screen doesn’t have enough pixels. You can’t even read thumb imprints with that thing. Anybody could steal it and use it. **again, he has a point. Sigh sigh**

What’s the most surprising thing you’ve seen here? Why?

As I said, I’ve been here before. But I don’t remember hearing so much laughter. What surprises me is all the happy-smiley people you have here. In the future, smiles are an endangered species. Enjoy them while they last.

If you had a chance to choose between living in our world and in yours, which one would you choose? Why?

The Mirrorlands, that’s what we call your world, and it can’t touch mine. Ours is older than yours. I don’t mean to sound conceited. But it’s true. My world Bardonia is on the other side of the doorway. It’s parallel to this world. The skies are clear. The waters are sapphire blue and jade green in some places. There’s even this island where the waterfalls flow toward the sky. No pollution. No disease from contaminated waters. So tell me. Which one would you choose? **Does he even need to ask?**

Can you name one thing, event or custom that reminds you of your world?
Bonding. That type of connection Chela has with me, it’s the same way at home. But the thing is I’m not at home. I can’t go back to Bardonia. I’m exiled, cursed to live in the mirrorlands. And not a pretty little place like your 2012 world. In the future, I’m hunted like an animal by the humans. And targeted by our enemies, the Tainted. I guess the answer could be violence, too. That really hasn’t changed much over time. **he sighs deeply, lowers his head, and stays quiet**

Author website: http://www.kasonndraleigh.com
Book Trailer: (Lost Immortals) http://kasonndraleigh.com/id14.html
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Barnes&Noble: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/when-copper-suns-fall-kasonndra-leigh/1107876579?ean=2940013469693

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Coming soon…

I’ve got some fun online stuff planned over the next week or so. Here’s a sneak peak:
  • Celebrating TOMORROW’S release of Shadow Slayer (Shadow Series #2) by Laura A. H. Elliott. SS is the sequel to 13 on Halloween. You can pick up 13 on Halloween free for Kindle right now.
  • This Thursday we kick off L.M. Preston’s Mini Blog Tour of cool indie authors. The tour will last through the 29th. Details will be posted on Thursday.
  • Headed to San Diego this Saturday! Look for some special Cali-themed posts over the weekend.
  • Friday, Sept. 28, 6-8pm eastern: Twitter Party for the release of The Pack — Retribution by L.M. Preston. #ThePackRetributionParty
  • Saturday, Sept. 29, Facebook Party for the release of The Pack — Retribution. I’m hosting the 8-9 pm (eastern) hour of the party.

Oh, and I was so busy prepping for the Mothman Festival that I totally forgot about my YA Indie Carnival post. Whoops! I’ve only missed one in the past year. Bummer, now that’s two. Anyway, we were supposed to blog about where we write. My husband and I share a desk. Well, he thinks it’s his desk and he’s probably right because it’s loaded with things like corn seed invoices, soil tests,  and soybean weigh slips. I usually let him win that one, and I take my laptop to the picnic table on the back porch. The view is absolutely inspiring.