When Paranormal Dads Speak…

From the mysterious Dr. Halbrook (Dead Radiance by T.G. Ayer) to the cool geekiness of Mr. Ruiz (Rippler by Cidney Swanson) to the unexpectedly nice Haralthazar, Demon Lord of the 7th Plane (Family Magic by Patti Larsen), Young Adult indie novels contain some of the most interesting models of fatherhood. Continue reading “When Paranormal Dads Speak…”

Guest Post by Unfurl’s Sylvia Ruiz

groundhog day with the unquestionable cool bill murrayUnfurl is the exciting third installment in the Rippler young adult series. You can purchase the series here or visit the author, the brilliant Cidney Swanson. The Rippler series is about Samantha Ruiz, who finds that she has an odd strain of a disease…odd because the only visible symptom is invisibility! As soon as she discovers this new talent she is on the run, chased by those who wish to eradicate the disease by taking out its carriers. I highly recommend this read.

Unfurl includes a sweet scene where Sam’s step-mom, Sylvia, throws a Groundhog Eve Party to help cheer her up. With the holiday quickly approaching, I asked author Swanson if Sylvia could stop by and share her tips. Continue reading “Guest Post by Unfurl’s Sylvia Ruiz”

Unfurl the official Blog Tour

Join me on January 26th for a special character interview to celebrate Unfurl the final installment of Cidney Swanson’s exciting Rippler trilogy.

In the meanwhile, you can read more about my fellow indie author at http://cidneyswanson.blogspot.com/. And check out the first two books, Rippler (Book 1) and Chameleon (Book 2) available now at Amazon.