Coming soon…

I’ve got some fun online stuff planned over the next week or so. Here’s a sneak peak:
  • Celebrating TOMORROW’S release of Shadow Slayer (Shadow Series #2) by Laura A. H. Elliott. SS is the sequel to 13 on Halloween. You can pick up 13 on Halloween free for Kindle right now.
  • This Thursday we kick off L.M. Preston’s Mini Blog Tour of cool indie authors. The tour will last through the 29th. Details will be posted on Thursday.
  • Headed to San Diego this Saturday! Look for some special Cali-themed posts over the weekend.
  • Friday, Sept. 28, 6-8pm eastern: Twitter Party for the release of The Pack — Retribution by L.M. Preston. #ThePackRetributionParty
  • Saturday, Sept. 29, Facebook Party for the release of The Pack — Retribution. I’m hosting the 8-9 pm (eastern) hour of the party.

Oh, and I was so busy prepping for the Mothman Festival that I totally forgot about my YA Indie Carnival post. Whoops! I’ve only missed one in the past year. Bummer, now that’s two. Anyway, we were supposed to blog about where we write. My husband and I share a desk. Well, he thinks it’s his desk and he’s probably right because it’s loaded with things like corn seed invoices, soil tests,  and soybean weigh slips. I usually let him win that one, and I take my laptop to the picnic table on the back porch. The view is absolutely inspiring.