The 25 Day Tour of Bad Ace Authors

Tonight, I’m turning over control of this post to brilliant indie author Fisher Amelie. All she had to do was call me a “bad ace author” and “beautiful”. I’m too easy. Next time, maybe I’ll ask for a pizza. Anyway, I’m super excited about her new novel Callum & Harper. Basically, life stinks for orphans Callum Tate and Harper Bailey, but, OH, how lovely Plan B can be.

By the way, Fisher’s not alone. She brought along a couple of characters…literally. So, without further ado, I present FISHER AMELIE…

Fisher Amelie‘Allo! ‘Allo! I am Fisher Amelie and I just so happen to write books. It’s quite fun and I have one that releases December 24th. Callum & Harper is the name. So, I’ve brought along Callum today in hopes that he can have a bit of a pow wow with my other lead from another little book I’ve written called The Understorey. This is the first time I’ve brought them out together. I’m slightly nervous because both characters have a bit of an Alpha complex, although neither of them are werewolves…Or are they? No, they’re not. Anyway, let the chaos ensue!

Fisher: Callum, Elliott. Elliott, Callum.

Callum: *Sticks hand out, voice goes octave lower for some strange reason* Nice to meet you, Elliott.

Elliott: *Shakes Callum’s hand, stupidity takes over as well and voice also does strange low octave thing* A pleasure, Sir.

Fisher: Why are you both talking like you’ve had strep throat for five days?
*Callum and Elliott clear throats*

Callum: So, you’re one of Fisher’s creations?

Elliott: I am. She’s annoying, isn’t she?

Callum: Very.

Fisher: Hey! Hey, now! Hmm, my fingers are itching to write you both into the tops of a tree for a few days.

Callum: *Rolls eyes* Anyway, since Fisher wrote you, you must be involved in some kind of ridiculous romance.

Elliott: I am. My girl’s name is Julia. I call her Jules though.

Callum: Cool.

Elliott: What’s your girl’s name?

Callum: Uh, well, I don’t have a girl.

Elliott: Fisher did write you, right? Fisher Amelie?

Callum: *Shifts uncomfortably* Yeah. Fisher Amelie wrote my story.

Elliott: Hmm, interesting.

Callum: Why is that interesting?

Elliott: Oh, nothin’. It’s just, I mean….Ohhhh. I get it now. You got it bad for someone though.

Callum: No, I don’t! I’m, um, I mean…oh, alright, fine. Yeah, she’s this chick that, well-she shares the title of the book with me.

Elliott: Okay, okay. It’s all making sense now. Callum and Harper. Is she cool?

Callum: Yeah, she’s cool.

Elliott: Cool. So, do you play football?

Callum: Not when I was in school or anything. I only play a couple of pick up games now and then. Music’s my thing. Still in high school?

Elliott: Yeah. We’re seniors. You?

Callum: We both graduated last year. We’re about to start our freshman year at NYU.

Elliott: Cool. NYU’s expensive. Parents paying for it I hope?

Callum: No. Well, Harper and I are orphans.

Elliott: Oh, jeez. I’m sorry, dude. I just stuck my foot in my mouth big time. Jules would kill me right now.

Callum: It’s alright. I mean, crap happens. We’re alone but together and trying to stay afloat.

Elliott: How do you do it? Survive.

Callum: We’re barely surviving actually but there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. We’ve got some crazy things lined up in the pipe-works. I just hope they don’t backfire on us.

Elliott: Man, do I know what you’re talking about.

Callum: Life is hard sometimes.

Elliott: You have no idea.

Callum: Yes, I do….Alright, see ya’ around? I’ve gotta meet Harper.

Elliott: Yeah, cool, dude. Nice to meet you. *Shakes Callum’s hand*

Fisher: Great, typical men. They can have an entire conversation and get absolutely nothing out of it. Sheesh. Sorry about that, Bryna. You’ll never have me back now.

Bryna: If you bring the guys again, you can come anytime. *wink

Fisher resides in the South with her kick ace husband slash soul mate. She earned her first ‘mama’ patch in 2009. Fisher grew up writing. As a kid, she secretly hid notebooks and notebooks of dribble in a large Tupperware storage container in her closet.

Fisher is running a contest for the length of her book tour! To win a signed copy of Callum & Harper just click here

About the Book

Kicked out of their foster homes because they suffer the ‘eighteen disease’ with nothing but a hundred dollar check from the government and a pat on the back, Callum and Harper are forced to rely on a system that failed them miserably.

So they sit. They sit inside Social Services, waiting for their social workers to call their names and offer them the miracle they know will never come but they sit anyway because they have nowhere else to go, no other options on their very literal and figurative empty plates.

But as they sit, they notice the other. Although captivated, they each come to the conclusion that life is complicated enough without throwing in a boiling tension that can’t ever be acted upon because they’re both too busy thinking about where their next meal will come from but when their names are called and both are placed on a year long waiting list for permanent housing, suddenly relying on each other seems like a very viable plan B.

And, oh, how lovely Plan B’s can be.

Well, except for the psycho from Harper’s past that haunts her and, oh, yeah, there’s the little issue that neither of them knows they’re in love with the other. Needless to say, Callum & Harper’s life just got a bit more complicated.

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Dec. 16 Tour Stop

Did you know that I am a “bad ace”. Wait a sec, I have to pick my husband off the floor because he’s laughing so hard. Anyway, I’m one of the “bad ace” authors hosting the Official Callum & Harper Blog Tour. The tour will stop here on December 16th. I’ll interview C&H Author Fisher Amelie, should be pretty awesome. and she called me Beautiful Bryna – check it out