Morganville Vampires Series is here!

See if you can spot my book, Of Sun & Moon, in episode 6 or any of the other Midnight Guardian books in the Glass house throughout the season 1.

YouTube orders the playlist by date they were posted, so click on the list icon in the top left corner to change to episode 1 and start from the beginning.

My Complete Morganville Geek Out!

This week I’ve been eagerly watching — well, let’s just call it what it really is, I’ve been obsessed — with coverage of the first week of shooting for the new Morganville Web Series. The series will air online on the Geek & Sundry YouTube channel, joining the likes of The Guild. Oh yes, we’ve just entered Felicia Day-level geekdom.

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Why am I geeking out?

The series is based on books which I absolutely adore, the Morganville Vampire series written by Rachel Caine. I’ve collected tons of fab stuff all week long, and now I’m ready to share them with you in one jam-packed post. Everything’s marked with the source, so you’ll know where to go to give some love and get the scoop. Here we go…

Cast & Crew

Cast list from the official Morganville Web Series Site


Robert Picardo (Star Trek Voyager) as Oliver @robertpicardo

Amber Benson (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) as Amelie @amber_benson

Pic posted on Twitter by Robert; Both have already wrapped on filming


gang couch

Above pics posted to Twitter by @_trapdoorspider

Lindsay Seidel as Claire Danvers @severelylindsay

Jordan Farris as Shane Collins @thejordanfarris 

Ben Easter as Michael Glass @beaster1

Haileigh Todd as Eve Rosser @TenBlueRoses


Nikki Donley as Hannah Moses @NikkiDonley pic posted to twitter by Nikki, she’s already wrapped filming too


Chase Ryan Jeffrey as Myrnin, @ChaseNit57, Pic posted by @MV_the_series

No on-set pics that I could find yet for Afomia Hailemeskel who will be playing Monica Morrell.

Don’t forget to follow Rachel Caine (@rachelcaine) and director Blake Calhoun (@blake_calhoun).

Photos from Set

Outside of filming, the cast and crew are heavily tweeting and instagramming (is that a word?) with pics and interacting with fans. It’s like living in Morganville (except for the whole fearing for your life thing).

There’s a Gallery on the official Morganville series site, but until it gets going, I’d recommend following the Series official twitter @MV_the_series, Morganville Vampires @_trapdoorspider, Rachel @rachelcaine, and the cast.


Common Grounds posted by @_trapdoorspider


Glass House posted by @MV_the_series


Questions Answered

When will the series be released?

Rachel Caine tweeted earlier today that no release date has been announced yet, but soon.

How much longer will they be shooting?

Shooting will continue through next week according to tweets from Caine and Calhoun.

How closely will the series follow the books?

Tweets from Caine indicate that season one is basically book one, Glass Houses. Evidently some events will be combined or slightly tweaked to better accommodate filming.

Where are they filming?

In Texas, duh.

Who’s hotter, Michael or Shane?


Will Bob the Spider make an appearance?

Rachel let it slip that he may not, at least not in the first season. But who knows, she is the master of plot twists.

I’m a #Morganville re-tweeting fiend right now, so for more, you can follow me too – @mogdocnews!







Hidden somethings in Whispering Evil

Avid readers Beth and Sadie wrote to ask me about hidden items and inspirations in Whispering Evil. Well girls, here they are:

Cousin Anthony –  Anthony, designer of the first guardian training rooms, was named in honor of my friend Tony who designs websites.

Mikayla Collins – Mikey is my homage to author Rachel Caine. I adore her Morganville Vampire books. Mikey was named after the two male leads of that series: Michael Glass and Shane Collins.

Dog at the Rest Stop – Keira encounters a playful boxer at the rest stop during her driving instruction, inspired by my brother’s boxer named Archie.

“It’s uh maize” – I can’t resist a good pun…or a bad one. My friends know me as the self-proclaimed Queen of Corn!

Valley View High – Valley View is a street in my neighborhood. I always thought it would be a good name for a school.

Bon Jovi – Yes, Bon Jovi really did perform in concert on Feb. 4th, 1987 in Fort Worth. No, I wasn’t there.

Broo’s Coronation – Broo’s coronation was patterned after the traditional British royal coronation ceremony. In Britain, when the monarch dies, the next in line steps in immediately, but waits several months (a proper grieving period) before holding a coronation ceremony.  Specific items described in the ceremony reflected real-world parts of the actual ceremony held for British monarchs.

Dairy Dog – I know this spot isn’t exclusive to Book 2, but its one that the ladies above mentioned and it’s also something I’ve been asked about many times. This is not a real location, however it was inspired by Briskers Dairy Bar in Oak Hill, Ohio (not sure if it still exists or operates under that name), the Dairy Boy in Crown City, Ohio, and about a dozen other ice cream stands sprinkled in every county along the Ohio River. I’m afraid that I have yet to see one that has twinkling lights or honeysuckle. That part was all me.

Read last April’s post about hidden items in Of Sun & MoonEaster Eggs in Of Sun & Moon