Easter Eggs for Book of the Lost

I love this tradition. Every time I release a new book, a few weeks after I get to give the readers a fun dose of behind-the-scenes knowledge. It's all about the Easter Eggs, those little treasures hidden throughout the books. Read on for the deets, but do so with caution, as River Song would say..."Spoilers..." … Continue reading Easter Eggs for Book of the Lost

Easter Eggs: Shadows Rising

As promised, here are those "easter eggs" that you might have overlooked in Shadows Rising (Midnight Guardian #4). Proceed with caution, this post does include spoilers... EIGHT MOMENTS IN TIME - When you read about Drew throwing snowballs in Midnight Child did you find it strange that a child so small could throw so hard? We learned … Continue reading Easter Eggs: Shadows Rising

Easter Eggs: Midnight Child

Happy Easter everyone! As has now become tradition, I present the 2nd annual Easter egg post. This year's post is all about "Easter Eggs" (those little hidden treasures) in my newest book, Midnight Child, Book 3 in the Midnight Guardian series. So, here are the stories behind the story. Enjoy! frog princess ornament & decorating … Continue reading Easter Eggs: Midnight Child