Fun Friday: Fireworks

Every other Friday, the novelists of The Society of YA Storytellers blog on a common topic for fun or education, but mostly for fun. It's called "Fun Friday" after all! It's Fun Friday! This week is about FIREWORKS; excerpts that explode with all sorts of feels. Drama...gotta love it! I thought I'd share with you … Continue reading Fun Friday: Fireworks

Surviving the Storm

On Friday evening, I arrived home and barely set my purse down before I heard the wind coming on like a freight train. With little warning, a storm with "hurricane-force" winds hit our region and left devastation and dark houses behind. The miracle workers at AEP (Appalachain Electric Power) continue to work 16+ hour days … Continue reading Surviving the Storm

Easter Eggs: Midnight Child

Happy Easter everyone! As has now become tradition, I present the 2nd annual Easter egg post. This year's post is all about "Easter Eggs" (those little hidden treasures) in my newest book, Midnight Child, Book 3 in the Midnight Guardian series. So, here are the stories behind the story. Enjoy! frog princess ornament & decorating … Continue reading Easter Eggs: Midnight Child


This week's YA Indie Carnival hot topic is The Hunger Games. Carnival writers and reviewers were asked to reap a boy and girl "tribute" to compete. Thinking on the Midnight Guardian Series, Brun and Broo Gammen immediately come to mind. I know what you're thinking. Yes, brother and sister against each other means big drama. … Continue reading Hunger Games: DISTRICT INDIE

YA Indie Carnival: Cover Love

This week's carnival topic is Cover Love. Can you judge a book by know the old song and dance. First off, I have a group of three to recommend. These are three awesome covers that turned out to be three awesome reads. I bought them for their covers, but recommend them for the story … Continue reading YA Indie Carnival: Cover Love