Love this tradition!

A few weeks after each new release, I spill the hidden little somethings that I like to call Easter Eggs. Here are the eggs for Red Feather Girl, the new short story included in the Amazon Exclusive edition of The Complete Midnight Guardian Series. 

Read the story first, this post contains SPOILERS.

Laughing Gryphon Inn – The story opens at the Inn, which is more a tavern than it is an inn. The inn draws all types with its location at the base of the mountains, settled between Elsted and the mogdoc Citadel. Long before Brun met his Red Feather Girl, it was the place where Arden and August met Merrick the elf to trade chocolate for information on the Book of the Lost in the novel of the same name.

Brun’s dagger – Brun casually mentions his dagger at the beginning of the story. He was never noted carrying one before. This is actually Keira’s dagger. He used it during the Fall and liked it so much he didn’t give it back.

Corakunis – Wondering where the name for the treasure came from? It’s not a name you’ll see in any myths. It’s completely made up. I knew I wanted part of the name to be “cora” meaning heart. I tried several variations but nothing had the ancient, mystical, exotic ring I was looking for. Finally, I took a break and turned on the TV. The movie Bad Moms starring Mila Kunis was on.

Items from the Market – The girl purchases six items from the market. Among them is meat and a hammer. This is a nod to an old inside joke I share with a friend about going to Walmart to buy chicken and a hammer. However, in later drafts “chicken” was changed to “meat” because beta readers were confused thinking she bought a live chicken.

Orphaned Wolf Pups – Did you notice that the wolf pups are living in the West Woods, which is also known to be the home of the Werewolf Whisperer? Perhaps they are minions in training.

Brun’s type – Strong-willed, shapeshifting brunettes. Yep, Gammen certainly seems to have a type.