Easter Eggs: Shadows Rising

eggsAs promised, here are those “easter eggs” that you might have overlooked in Shadows Rising (Midnight Guardian #4). Proceed with caution, this post does include spoilers…

EIGHT MOMENTS IN TIME – When you read about Drew throwing snowballs in Midnight Child did you find it strange that a child so small could throw so hard? We learned that it was really Colby. Ann and Colby take us back to eight moments in time. Some of those moments occurred in earlier books. Here are those moments and the corresponding scenes in other books.

#1 – Ancient Greece – Keira told Colby this story at the end of Of Sun & Moon when she gave him her Atlantis token

#2 – Gammen residence outside of Dallas – Brun alludes to this event when Ann solicits his help to rescue Arden in Whispering Evil

#3 – This is Keira and William’s first date from Of Sun & Moon

#4 – A threatening Brun appeared in Keira’s room at the end of Of Sun & Moon

#5 – Jumper’s confrontation in the alley happened in Whispering Evil

#6 – Keira slips babysitting duty and meets Brun in the park in Whispering Evil

#7 – Drew packed a wallop with snowballs early in Midnight Child

#8 – This one was the most recent, an unknown event until you read it in Shadows Rising

ROSES – The roses that Colby and Ann duck behind when they travel back in time to Greece are yellow because yellow roses are my favorite

HIDING PLACE FOR MIKEY’S TOKEN – The wooded area where Mikey’s token was hidden was inspired by Canter’s Cave 4-H Camp outside of Jackson, Ohio

GAWAIN – The Unionist guardian warrior is named after one of Camelot’s knights of the round table

BLANKET IN THE BARN – In my imagination, the afghan that Keira finds in the barn is John Deere green and yellow

BIRD IN THE TREE – The bird in the tree that flies away when Brun and Arden meet is the bluebird of happiness

MRS. BETHANY – Mrs. Bethany (named after my sister) first appeared as the study hall teacher in the beginning of Of Sun & Moon. In this book, she happens to be Arden & Colby’s homeroom teacher.

ANN’S MIDDLE NAME – Ann’s middle name is revealed to be Clara. Named so after Doc Brown’s love in Back to the Future. A respectable name for a time traveler, don’t you think?

ANN’S TRIP BACK – Ann’s trip back in time after the engagement is the flip side of the scene near the end of Of Sun & Moon

BOOK OF THE LOST – Did you remember the Book of the Lost? Keira actually had her hands on it before. Check out Chapter 6 in Whispering Evil.

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