Easter Eggs: Midnight Child

Happy Easter everyone! As has now become tradition, I present the 2nd annual Easter egg post. This year’s post is all about “Easter Eggs” (those little hidden treasures) in my newest book, Midnight Child, Book 3 in the Midnight Guardian series.

So, here are the stories behind the story. Enjoy!

frog princess ornament & decorating gingerbread men on Christmas Eve – Keira mentions to Brun that her favorite Christmas ornament is a frog princess. This is a reference to a new trilogy that I’ve been working on.

Sorry, can’t say much more than that for now. She also mentions a tradition of decorating gingerbread men on Christmas Eve, which is of course, a long held tradition from my family.

Virginia Hayes – Colby’s grandma was inspired by my maternal grandmother, who many of my friends called “fun” grandma

Unionists & Roses – These guys popped up several times before the first real confrontation. Did you spot the Unionists in the mall scene? at the movie theatre? in the hospital? Hint: look for mentions of men in white robes. Also, see how many times you can spot Brun’s roses. Did you spot one before the Halloween Party?

Room 314 – The room number at the hospital is a homage to Buffy the Vampire Slayer the TV series. That is the same number as the mysterious room in the Initiative.

Brun’s odd word – The word that Brun yelled on the beach was actually a curse word in Latin (so don’t repeat it in polite company). I imagine that the mogdoc language is a variation of Latin.

Wild Water Week – This event is very, very loosely based on the River Recreation Festival held annually in Gallipolis, Ohio. The description of Jumper’s waterski trick is something that my husband used to do when he was a teen.

Great Serpent Mound – Yes, it’s a real place. Yes, they really do a lighting ceremony a few days before Christmas. Yes, I’ve been to the top of the observation tower.

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