Tradition time!! The week after each release, I share the fun little somethings hidden (most times in plain sight) in the book, plus provide some commentary extras. So here goes…the Easter Eggs for Wrong Side of the Storm.


The suits’ recon rings that come into play at the end, actually appear before. Bridget mentions Warner putting his on before he answers the door at the beginning of Chapter 2.

Chapter 2 also includes the line, “I would too if I thought it would do any good; plus, rescue breathing, CPR—all the things that earned me an A plus in Health class.” The chapter was originally written in Eric’s POV. Back then it said … all the things that would earn me an A plus… When it switched to Bridget’s voice, made sense that she already had the A.

News of the Mothman sighting is brought to you by news anchor Bob. When I was a kid, a real news anchorman named Bob interviewed me on TV at my county fair. My calf tried to eat his microphone.

Yes, the joke about Eric’s BRAND being a BRA if he didn’t have the Necessity Duplicator will probably be in every book. It makes me smile.

When writing Grave, I came up with the idea that Bridget’s blog would have a constantly changing name because she is naive enough not to realize the ones she picks sound dirty. I made up a huge list of them and loved that I got to share this detail in Storm. Trouble is, after Storm went to the editor, I started collaborating on a bookish talk show. We needed a name, but all I could think of were Bridget’s discarded blog titles.

In Chapter 4, Bridget rants about a book she’s been reading. She’s describing Savage Beauty by my friend Casey Bond.

For the gang’s entrance into the base, I drew inspiration from UFO encounters depicted in movies and TV when I was a kid in the 80s. Car goes dead. Bright light. Rise into air.

In Chapter 9, Eric jokes about arguing with Bridget over banana peppers on their pizza. This is a constant point of controversy between my husband and me. And yes, I’m team banana pepper.

When Eric mouths those three little words, I did want you to think it was, “I love you.” That’s why it was a whole chapter before Bridget tells you it was, “Lab Coat Dude.” Oddly enough, human lips are in almost exactly the same positions for both phrases. Maybe Bridget got it wrong? Try it in a mirror and see if you can see a difference.

The scientist that took over for Wallen when he left the NSSL is Dr. Avi Komed. Avi named after the coolest guinea pig I know, blogger Ethan Gregory’s beloved pet.

In Chapter 14, Bridget makes a passing reference to Raine Diaz, queen of the drama club. In the Mothman short, Sweet Emotion, included in the Brave New Girls: Girls Who Science & Scheme anthology, it was noted that Raine is the sister of Owen, the keyboardist in Eric’s band.