Villain Takeover!


Bryna Butler is well…let’s just say she’s “tied up” at the moment. This Fun Friday the villains are in control as they take over the blogs of the novelists of The Society of YA Storytellers. So don’t panic. Grab up your rock salt, garlic, wooden stakes, iron, silver bullets, and keep reading!

TWDThe first day of school was very strange for me. I’d never gone to school. I’d never needed to. My sister and I learned everything we needed from our parents. Mostly our mother. Witchcraft was something they didn’t teach in school. Continue reading “Villain Takeover!”

YA Indie Carnival: Villains Worth a Vote

From the side show barker to the ring master, all the carnies are casting their ballots this week. The vote? It’s whatever we choose.

Here in the U.S., we’ve spent a great deal of time lately trying to determine who’s really a good guy/gal so that we could bestow upon them our trust to run our great country. Well, that’s left me a little burnt out. I’m sick of trying to figure out who’s the good guy. I’m ready for Continue reading “YA Indie Carnival: Villains Worth a Vote”