Being Human: Top 10 Reasons Why It’s Crazy Good

I’m through the roof and over the moon thrilled that one of my favorite shows is back. Last week, Being Human, returned to Syfy. To celebrate, I’m digging up the reasons why I love this show.

10. Because the premise can double as the ultimate paranormal joke…”A vampire, a werewolf, and a ghost walk into a…”


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Top 10 from Jace’s Lips

cityofbonesPsyched for City of Bones to hit the big screen! In honor of the newest paranormal blockbuster, I’ve compiled my favorite book quotes from the sexy, sarcastic hero of the series, Jace. Sorry, none of the mushy stuff, just the witty jabs that make reading these books so much fun. Enjoy and post your additions in the comments. Don’t forget to wear black on premiere day and show your #ShadowHunterPride.

10. “I prefer to think that I’m a liar in a way that’s uniquely my own.” – City of Ashes

9. “I can see why you like it here. There’s a thin layer of nerd over everything.” – City of Fallen Angels Continue reading “Top 10 from Jace’s Lips”

Top 10 Quotes from Bon Temps and beyond

dead-ever-after-by-charlaine-harris-cover-3_4_r560Next week, you’ll surely find me curled up with a good book **fingers crossed. May 7th marks the release of Dead Ever After by Charlaine Harris, the last of the Southern Vampire series (aka Sookie Stackhouse novels).

In eager anticipation, I’ve put together my very own list of Top 10 Quotes from Bon Temps and beyond. Enjoy and if you have one to add, don’t hesitate to post it in a comment.

10. “That’s what you all keep saying, but it doesn’t seem to get me any happier.” –Sookie after Bill told her he loved her, Dead Reckoning

9. “You’re my favorite breather.” –Pam to Sookie, Dead in the Family

8. “I don’t like having feelings.” – -Eric, Club Dead

7. “Puppy dog eyes. From a six-foot-five ancient Viking vampire.” –Sookie, Dead to the World Continue reading “Top 10 Quotes from Bon Temps and beyond”

When Paranormal Dads Speak…

From the mysterious Dr. Halbrook (Dead Radiance by T.G. Ayer) to the cool geekiness of Mr. Ruiz (Rippler by Cidney Swanson) to the unexpectedly nice Haralthazar, Demon Lord of the 7th Plane (Family Magic by Patti Larsen), Young Adult indie novels contain some of the most interesting models of fatherhood. Continue reading “When Paranormal Dads Speak…”