Being Human: Top 10 Reasons Why It’s Crazy Good

I’m through the roof and over the moon thrilled that one of my favorite shows is back. Last week, Being Human, returned to Syfy. To celebrate, I’m digging up the reasons why I love this show.

10. Because the premise can double as the ultimate paranormal joke…”A vampire, a werewolf, and a ghost walk into a…”


9. Because it makes me wish I listened more in History class. Maybe I’d have something interesting to say to Aiden. Not that I could ever manage anything more than a drooling mumble in his presence.

8. Because nurses are never under-rated.

7. Because there is always an empty pizza box in their fridge.

6. Because unlike the jerks on South Park, they didn’t kill Kenny.

5. Because I know, just know, that Josh will get past this whole reverse werewolf timing thing and when he finally does I will probably be jumping on the couch with excitement cheering him on as always.

4. Because Sally finally got a new wardrobe. You go, girl ghost!


3. Because Nora is the first werewolf thoughtful enough to question drinking a mocha due to the whole dogs and chocolate thing.

2. Because these guys and gal are not only awesome actors, but the best entertainment on Twitter.







And the number one reason…

“Soul lock, B**ch!”

Okay, that last one’s not really a reason, but I always wanted to say it. It’s fun. Try it.