When Paranormal Dads Speak…

From the mysterious Dr. Halbrook (Dead Radiance by T.G. Ayer) to the cool geekiness of Mr. Ruiz (Rippler by Cidney Swanson) to the unexpectedly nice Haralthazar, Demon Lord of the 7th Plane (Family Magic by Patti Larsen), Young Adult indie novels contain some of the most interesting models of fatherhood. Whether harried, fun-loving, over protective, or bent on world domination, they all have one thing in common…when Dad speaks, we listen.

For this Father’s Day, I present my favorite quotes from the #1 Dad of the Midnight Guardian Series, Keira Ryan’s father, August. Enjoy!

“I am the moon. Your mother is the sun.”

“You could lick it like leftover cake batter on your mom’s wooden spoon.” – August on the effects of magical poison on humans.

“Please excuse, Keira. She grew up on this side of the barrier. There are some slight differences in propriety.” – When the Ryan family first meets Arden Wright

“He also said that you played with the charge as if she were a marionette. Please tell me that at least that was an exaggeration?” -Confronting Keira about her recent odd behavior and absences

“So, now it seems that I don’t have to worry about the mogdoc rebellion, but that I may need to stifle a little teenage rebellion.”

“She did that phone email thing that you do.” – August on texting

“I’ll try to remember so that I don’t earn a block of mineral in my sock.” – August on the myth of Santa Claus

“Are you purposely trying to get my daughter killed or are you just that stupid…Now go, before I lose it and do something that I’ll feel very good about now but regret later.” – to Arden

Quotes from Of Sun & Moon, Whispering Evil, Midnight Child

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