YA Indie Carnival: 2012 Giving Thanks

Bryna ButlerThis week, the YA Indie Carnies are sharing their triumphs and expressing their gratitude for a wonderful 2012.

My year started out with a bang–the release of my third book, Midnight Child, in March. With some prompting from local fans and the director of my public library, I held my first public Launch Party. And I was so glad I did. We had a blast.

The year also extended to me some great opportunities to network with fellow authors, participate in interviews, hold books signings, hostess facebook and twitter parties, and speak at schools. I’ve learned a lot along the way.

But if I had to chose one thing that was the summit of my year, it would have to be meeting Charlaine Harris. You know how it is when Continue reading “YA Indie Carnival: 2012 Giving Thanks”

YA Indie Carnival: New Year’s Resolutions

This week at the YA Indie Carnival is all about New Year’s Resolutions. I was asked to share my own, but I’ve got something better in mind. I thought I would pass along the New Year’s resolutions from the characters of the Midnight Guardian series…Enjoy!

Tell us about your New Year’s Resolution:

Colby Hayes: I want to do really, really well on the ACT and SAT and get accepted to at least a handful of respectable schools. I also want to get my visions under control.

Keira Ryan: There’s only one thing I can think about now…figuring out the child of sun and moon prophecy.

Ann Martin: I want to get organized and I want to figure out how to make things right between me and Jump.

Jumper Johnson: I’m determined to kill the Continue reading “YA Indie Carnival: New Year’s Resolutions”