YA Indie Carnival: New Year’s Resolutions

This week at the YA Indie Carnival is all about New Year’s Resolutions. I was asked to share my own, but I’ve got something better in mind. I thought I would pass along the New Year’s resolutions from the characters of the Midnight Guardian series…Enjoy!

Tell us about your New Year’s Resolution:

Colby Hayes: I want to do really, really well on the ACT and SAT and get accepted to at least a handful of respectable schools. I also want to get my visions under control.

Keira Ryan: There’s only one thing I can think about now…figuring out the child of sun and moon prophecy.

Ann Martin: I want to get organized and I want to figure out how to make things right between me and Jump.

Jumper Johnson: I’m determined to kill the evil thing that has its hold on my girlfriend.

ArdenWright: I want to figure out a way to get Keira on a more disciplined training schedule, but that’s like herding cats.

William Swift: I want the crown back and I’ll stop at nothing to get it.

Brooke Banes: Are you insinuating that I need to change? Why change perfection?

Check out the Resolutions from these other YA indie authors:

1. Laura A. H. Elliott author of Winnemucca & 13 on Halloween, Book 1 in the Teen Halloween Series 2. Bryna Butler, author Midnight Guardian series
3. Heather Self 4. T. R. Graves, Author of The Warrior Series
5. Suzy Turner, author of The Raven Saga 6. Darby Karchut, author of GRIFFIN RISING
7. Lexus Luke 8. Cheri Schmidt, author of the Fateful Trilogy
9. Rachel Coles, author of Into The Ruins, geek mom blog 10. K. C. Blake, author of Vampires Rule and Crushed
11. Patti Larsen, The Hunted series and The Hayle Coven series 12. Amy Maurer Jones, Author of The Soul Quest Trilogy
13. Dani Snell’s Refracted Light Reviews 14. Fisher Amelie, author of The Understorey
15. M. Leighton, Blood Like Poison Series, Madly, The Reaping 16. Abbi Glines, author of Breathe and The Vincent Boys
17. Kimberly Kinrade, Bits of You & Pieces of Me, Forbidden Mind 18. Madeline Smoot, Missing, Summer Shorts, and The Girls
19. Cidney Swanson, author of Rippler 20. Gwenn Wright, author of Filter
21. TG Ayer 22. Melissa Pearl, author of Golden Blood
23. Heather M. White, author of The Destiny Saga

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  1. I LOVE the pic in your post. And the resolutions are awesome too:) I really hope that Jumper [GREAT name BTW] follows through on his resolution! WOW!

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