Book deals for Thanksgiving weekend

Just a quick heads up, mogdocs. Wrong Side of the Grave ebook will be on sale for 99 cents through the Monday after Thanksgiving.

Feel free to share this fun graphic with friends to let them know.

Also, author Kasi Blake (Order of the Spirit Realm series, Rules series) has shared with me that some of her books will be on sale around Thanksgiving too. Stop by my Facebook page on Wednesday to get more book deals. If you are an author with a deal, put your shameless plug in the comments.

‘Til then, have a happy and blessed Thanksgiving.


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YA Indie Carnival: 2012 Giving Thanks

Bryna ButlerThis week, the YA Indie Carnies are sharing their triumphs and expressing their gratitude for a wonderful 2012.

My year started out with a bang–the release of my third book, Midnight Child, in March. With some prompting from local fans and the director of my public library, I held my first public Launch Party. And I was so glad I did. We had a blast.

The year also extended to me some great opportunities to network with fellow authors, participate in interviews, hold books signings, hostess facebook and twitter parties, and speak at schools. I’ve learned a lot along the way.

But if I had to chose one thing that was the summit of my year, it would have to be meeting Charlaine Harris. You know how it is when Continue reading “YA Indie Carnival: 2012 Giving Thanks”

YA Indie Carnival: Gobble! Gobble! A Thanksgiving Story

This week the YA Indie Carnival is dishing up Thanksgiving stories. Since both sides of the family are headed over the river and through the woods to my house for the holiday, I have a full plate (pun totally intended). Therefore, I decided to post early and to share this “deleted scene” from Midnight Child which will be available in February 2012. It’s a sweet exchange between Keira Ryan and her father, August. It takes place on the Thanksgiving holiday between the end of Whispering Evil and the start of Midnight Child. I really hated cutting it, but had to sacrifice it for the overall pacing of the book. Oh well, at least you can enjoy it as an appetizer. Have a Happy Turkey Day and don’t forget to count your Blessings!

thanksgiving Bryna ButlerExplaining Thanksgiving

“So let me see if I’ve got this right.”

“Okay,” Keira said.

She was grinning a bit. Thanksgiving seemed like a perfectly simple concept, until she had to explain it to a guardian.  Unfortunately for her, her father spent most of his life on the other side of the barrier that separated the human world from the mogdoc threat. He was having some trouble understanding human traditions. Then again, for those like August Ryan, all human traditions were odd.

“The holiday consists an extravagant meal consisting of whole turkey with stale bread shoved inside and orange squash dessert topped with a white icy fluffing,” he grimaced. “That doesn’t sound appetizing.”

“Icy fluffing? You can’t be serious.”

“Right, you called it something else. I believe it was cold fluffing…no, cold whipping!”

“Cool Whip…close enough.” Keira smiled and jumped down from the kitchen countertop on which she was perched. “And, it’s totally awesome. There’s also sweet potatoes with marshmallows and pecans, real mashed potatoes, and this sugary cranberry stuff that’s yum-delicious.  Before we dig in, we go around the table and talk about the things that we’re thankful for.”

“Like family?” August asked.

“Like family,” his daughter agreed.

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