Top 13 Graduation Scenes: 2014 Remix


One of my most read posts of all time is one I wrote 2 years ago listing my favorite graduation scenes of all time. So much has changed since then, so many great flicks and shows, so I’ve updated the list. Enjoy!

Here’s my personal Top 10 Most Memorable Graduation Scenes (TV & Movie).

13. Facts of Life – First to show graduation for the organized chaos that it really is.

12. She’s All That – Freddie Prinze, Jr. and a soccer ball, need I say more?

11. Billy Madison – On the list for sheer magnitude of graduation scenes, he graduated a grade every two weeks!

10. High School Musical 3 – I’ll admit it. I watched it and I loved it…maybe even shed a tear.


9. Legally Blonde – If Elle Woods can graduate Harvard Law, we can do anything!

8. 90210 (original) – My high school boyfriend (who’s now my hubby) was totally addicted to the show and made me watch. I remember snuggling up to watch this episode which aired days before my own college graduation.


7. Spider-Man 2 – Peter Parker watching Gwen’s graduation speech, still one of the most beautiful speeches I’ve ever heard. “My wish for you is to become hope.”

6. Eclipse – I absolutely loved Jessica’s speech. “Take the wrong train and get stuck somewhere. Fall in love…a lot. Major Continue reading “Top 13 Graduation Scenes: 2014 Remix”

My Buffy Top Twelve for the Holiday

Indie author K.C. Blake recently posted her top twenty picks for her favorite Supernatural episodes. Being the tv-ophile that I am, this has inspired me. I started thinking of my all-time favorite TV show, Buffy the Vampire Slayer (yes, I am a diehard Whedonite).

So, just in time for Halloween, may I present my top dozen favorite Buffy episodes.

12. Once More with Feeling – Yep, this was the musical one. I’m actually one of those people who bought the CD. I know every word and sing along when I watch. Don’t you?

11. Superstar – When it first aired, I couldn’t figure out what was going on. I flipped through my TV Guide, looking for an overlooked episode to explain why I was out of the loop. This one took me totally off-guard when even the opening credits were re-cut to play into the storyline that a spell had changed the world to make the unnoticed geek the hero of the story.

10. Chosen (the final episode) – Angel returns to give Buffy some advice as she confronts the evil of the series finale. One of the best, insightful lines I’ve ever heard. “I’m not done baking.”

9. Fear, Itself – Halloween is always nuts in Sunnydale. The gang goes to a party in a frat house and craziness ensues when the door disappears. Oh yeah, Anya dresses as the scariest thing she can think of…a giant bunny.

8. Passion – What do you get when you mix love and evil? Obsession. Nothing is scarier than a vampire stalker. Character reactions were so well thought out. Often overlooked, but probably one of the best written episodes.

7. The Prom – Hellhounds trained to attack formalware…what more can I say?

6. Band Candy – The adults are acting like teens and the teens are acting like adults. Great performances.

5. School Hard – Spike and Druscilla’s first appearance.

4. Amends – Ghosts from the past haunt Angel and snow in Sunnydale.

3. Restless – The scoobies fall asleep and are held in their dreams. Really cool camera effects and techniques used like over-exposure and long hand-held sequences. It was such a departure from the typical season finale. Want some cheese?

2. Becoming, Part 2 – “Close your eyes.” I still cry when I watch it.

1. Hush – The “quiet” episode was chilling to the core and also had some of the funniest and most touching moments of the series.

Now that I’ve finished my list, I realize how very hard it was to pick just 12. Therefore, if you will indulge me, here are some Honorable Mentions: The Wish, Selfless, Life Serial, The Gift, The Body, Fool for Love, Prophecy Girl.

“Easter Eggs” in Of Sun & Moon

In electronic media, we all know what Easter Eggs are…those hidden gems among our favorite video games, videos, and the like. Well, it just so happens that there are Easter Eggs in Of Sun & Moon and in the spirit of the upcoming Easter holiday, I wanted to share a few of them with you.

ACH – Drew’s initials that were embroidered on his baby blanket are also the initials commonly used for an electronic banking transaction, a nod to my day job.

Mrs. Bethany – Named for my sister Bethany who is also an educator. However, the real Bethany tells me that she never would have let Colby leave study hall.

Two boys – The two boys that almost knock over Keira at Nana’s birthday party BBQ are inspired by my two little boys.

Bianca Ryan – As a little girl, my favorite movie was The Rescuers, a cartoon adventure with mice. The heroine was a sophisticated girl mouse named Bianca.

Nana’s vanity mirror – My sarcasm was at work with this one. In most fairy tales, the mirror is important and holds great power. It’s not by accident that in this story, it just gets shoved.

Halloween – Keira dressed as Buffy the Vampire Slayer and William dressed as a vampire. William has dark hair. Yes, he was Angel.



Of Sun & Moon now available on Apple iBooks

My First Review

I received my very first book review today. Once I finished screaming and jumping up and down, I read it.

It was posted on Amazon by a user named Matilda. It was great. She (I assume Matilda is a she) gave it five stars! She also likened my work to Buffy the Vampire Slayer which is absolutely awesome. Joss Whedon is a genius. If you don’t agree, I urge you to listen to his commentary on the TV series DVDs.

My first reviewer did offer some constructive criticism which I’ll keep in mind for the rest of the series. Matilda, if you’re reading this, THANK YOU!! You are my Star Struck Moment #2.