YA Author Series: Top 10 Blog Tactics

wireless miceCrap! There are rules to blogging? I might be in trouble.

With this week’s topic, I needed to do my research. And here are the results in easily digestible chunks…My Top 10 Best Blog Tactics from other blogs.

10.  Help a Sister Out – (advice by iFabbo) If you see something on another blog that is useful, re-blog or re-tweet it. Your followers will appreciate that you are helping them find others of interest.

9. Make a Date – (advice by Log My Calls) Devise your own blog calendar to ensure regular posting. Write down the date of when the article will be posted, topic and even a short description. 

8. Membership Has its Rewards – (advice by author T.R. Graves) Join a group of like-minded individuals that blog on the same topic. Many of these groups make it a part of membership that they promote each others blogs. T.R. is the fearless leader of our Young Adult Author Club.

7. Short and Sweet – (advice by Tribute Media) Brevity is key to online writing. Keep articles short.

6. Avoid TMI – (advice by Chronicle Books Blog) Don’t get too personal or overshare. Keep your author brand in mind at all times.

5. Turn Down that Racket – (advice by Tip Junkie) Content is king and multimedia is cool, but when it comes to automatic music players on your page just don’t go there. Many readers find it annoying when music starts playing without warning and will immediately close the window.

4. Death of a Salesman – (advice by Tribute Media) Do not try to sell. Avoid blatant marketing messages. You create buyers with marketing messages, fans with getting them involved in the story. Sell by example (for writers this means commentary, excerpts, character profiles, etc.)

3. Scroll Free’s the Way to Be – (advice by Blogging with Amy) This is one of my pet peeves too. Don’t make your header so big that the reader has to scroll down to see your first post. To this advice, I’d add to use the “read more” function to shorten your posts. That way the reader can see multiple posts in one glance without scrolling.

2. Picture This  – (advice by Tip Junkie) Add pictures whenever possible and at least one with every post. Pictures are a great way to personalize your blog and also break up text making it easier to read.

1. Prioritize Blobligations – (advice by Stuck in a Book) Prioritize your blog obligations to make sure you don’t burn out. Remember your blog’s mission and stick to it. Most of all, do what makes you happy and it will show in your posts.

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