Christmas in July Spotlight: Kasi Blake

Kasi Blake, ya author

Kasi Blake learned that writing was her superpower when she was in the third grade. The teacher asked the students to write a short (one-page) story about a pet monster for Halloween. She heard the other kids all saying they were doing vampires and werewolves, so she chose to write about a pet mummy. Her story made the entire classroom erupt with laughter. That’s when she realized words had power. Then when she was in high school she had to write a short story for a class and put it off until the last minute. While talking to friends that morning, she scribbled it out and handed it in. The teacher thought she’d plagiarized it. That’s how good he thought it was, but her friends backed her up. Later in college, her writing ability saved her from a bad grade in history. It was a writing-intensive course.

What’s your superpower?

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Vampires Rule

A simple boy-meets-girl story.
Only the boy is a vampire, and the girl is a badass werewolf hunter.

“Kasi Blake has written a winner with this series.” I Heart YA Books

Unhappy as a vampire, Jack dreams of a second chance at mortality. But when he gets it, his real problems begin. His teacher is a werewolf, the girl he’s crushing on is THE hunter, and his brother can’t decide whether to welcome him home or stake him just to be on the safe side.

Then his powers return along with the powers of a werewolf. He has no idea what’s happening to him, but he’d better figure it out fast. According to an ancient diary, he is destined to defeat the alpha werewolf… or die trying.

Bait: Van Helsing Academy

Some are born to be hunters.
Others can only be bait.

At sixteen, Bay-Lee finally gets to join her father’s school. Thinking she might get special treatment, the other students resent her, but they have nothing to worry about. She is given the rank of Bait–only good for drawing out monsters so real hunters can kill them–like the other newbies.

When her roommate dies under strange circumstances, Bay-Lee vows to solve the mystery. Someone or some ‘thing’ is killing hunters on their birthdays. She enlists the help of a few new friends and a hostile hunter with amazing green eyes, the one that hates her without cause.

They must stop the killer soon or they will all die. Bay-Lee’s birthday is coming up fast. Will her first year at Van Helsing Academy be her last?

Indie Author Spotlight: K.C. BLAKE

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