Santa’s Author Spotlight: K.C. Blake

K.C. Blake, ya authorToday’s spotlight is on YA Urban Fantasy writer K.C. Blake.

K.C. was just a tween when she started writing. Back then, it was to fight boredom during her parents’ weekly bowling league games. She studied the craft, sacrificing along the way as those with extraordinary talent often do. To her credit, she has been published by Harlequin twice. Her novel, Vampires Rule, about a vampire that becomes human again and has to learn to adjust is getting rave reviews.

Vampires Rule Blurb

Lonely for human companionship, Jack returns home every year. He checks on his brother, walks through his childhood home, but he can’t let anyone see him because Jack is a vampire.

Now, ten years after being turned Jack’s wish comes true. He’s mortal again. Now, he can live a normal life.  Or so he thinks.  Destiny has other plans for him. The head werewolf is teaching English at the high school, the girl Jack is crushing on is a hunter, and his brother can’t make up his mind if he should welcome Jack home or stake him through the heart to be on the safe side.

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