The Temporal Stone

Congrats to Suzy Turner on the release of The Temporal Stone (The Morgan Sisters). 

temporal stoneIt’s been a couple of months since Emma and Lana entered the Praxos Academy and life has been hectic ever since. What with regular A level classes combined with learning all about the supernatural world, control classes, self defense and fight night, the girls are constantly busy.

But when their world seems to stop right in front of them, they and their fellow Watchers, have a huge mystery to solve. A mystery which leads them on a long road trip across south west England where they meet all kinds of strange creatures, some intent on causing harm and others desperate to put a stop to the problem.

The Temporal Stone is the second full length novel in The Morgan Sisters series. The first book is entitled The Ghost of Josiah Grimshaw. There is also a free novella, Daisy Madigan’s Paradise.

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Suzy Turner has worked as a journalist, assistant editor, features editor and magazine editor. Early in 2010 however, she began writing full time and has since completed a trilogy for young adults, The Raven Saga, as well as several books in The Morgan Sisters series.

Although Suzy is a Yorkshire lass at heart, she left her home town of Rotherham, UK, to move to Portugal with her family when she was ten.

The Algarve continues to be her home, where she lives with her childhood sweetheart and husband of 15 years, Michael.

Congrats again Suzy!

YA Indie Carnival Spotlight: SUZY TURNER

Suzy in CanadaThis week, SUZY TURNER is in the Carnival’s center ring. Turner is the author of Raven, December Moon, The Ghost of Josiah Grimshaw, Daisy Madigan’s Paradise, and my personal favorite, The Lost Soul.

Suzy is a pretty cool chick. She’s worked as a journalist, a magazine editor, and even a script supervisor on a feature film. She has an awesome sense of humor and a flair for drama. Just read the Carnival Ringmaster’s interview with Suzy below and you’ll see what I mean… Continue reading “YA Indie Carnival Spotlight: SUZY TURNER”

Cover Reveal: The Ghost of Josiah Grimshaw by Suzy Turner

A couple of weeks ago, fellow indie author Suzy Turner emailed me to share her latest project, The Ghost of Josiah Grimshaw, a Morgan Sisters Novel. And it gave me chills. Then she made me promise not to tell anyone about it until September 1st. Yeah, bummer, but it is now one minute into September in my time zone and I’m spilling everything I know.
Here’s the scoop…
Adopted sisters Lana Beth and Emma Jane are polar opposites, but when the same strange ‘tattoo’ suddenly appears and winds its way up their bodies within days of each other, they realize there’s more to their relationship than they could ever have imagined.
Sent off to London for two weeks of work experience, the Morgan Sisters soon find themselves being initiated into the ancient Praxos Foundation, one that protects the innocent while fighting evil, both human and supernatural.
At the same time, Lana Beth and Emma Jane must also investigate why the sweet but sometimes pesky ghost of Josiah Grimshaw just won’t leave them alone.

Hooked yet? She had me at the cover. Isn’t it gorgeous? Suzy says The Ghost of Josiah Grimshaw will be released November 14th. In the meantime, if you haven’t picked it up yet, check out her Raven Saga series. Specifically, The Lost Soul where you’ll see yours truly credited for some dinosaur identification help. Really. I can’t make this stuff up. Well, I write fiction, so yes, technically, I can make this stuff up, but I really didn’t this time. Really.
Have a ridiculously fun and safe Labor Day weekend. ~Bryna