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Bryna Butler is well…let’s just say she’s “tied up” at the moment. This Fun Friday the villains are in control as they take over the blogs of the novelists of The Society of YA Storytellers. So don’t panic. Grab up your rock salt, garlic, wooden stakes, iron, silver bullets, and keep reading!

TWDThe first day of school was very strange for me. I’d never gone to school. I’d never needed to. My sister and I learned everything we needed from our parents. Mostly our mother. Witchcraft was something they didn’t teach in school.

So as I sat at the strange desk watching the classroom fill with students, I felt oddly disgusted. These filthy teenagers were making me think of my own children; Ephraim and Lynley. It actually made me think of how awful I felt about Lynley’s death. No. You must be strong. Her death was necessary! I reminded myself. Lynley was a sacrifice in order to get my powers back. I had failed because of that awful Brylee, but I had some powers now. Thanks to the little French girl. What was her name again?

It didn’t matter. I was the French girl now. I was wearing her body so that I could blend in and get my powers back from Brylee’s house. The little brat locked them in the corner room on the second floor. She thought she was so smart using my sister against me to aid her in locking the power behind the door.

I smiled thinking about how my plans to get it back were already unfolding. I looked up and saw her walk into the classroom. My nails dug into the table at the sight of her. I wanted to kill her right then and there. I wanted to rip her to shreds. No. Calm down.

The teacher called attendance when everyone was seated.

“Sophie Parsons,” she called out. I blinked. That was me.

“Here,” I said. I sat up straight. I could feel Brylee’s eyes on me instantly. I knew she was watching me and wondering who I was. The snob probably thought that I was a threat to her because I was prettier. I did pick quite a beautiful young girl. My hair was now black and smooth. I was gorgeous now. Prettier than Brylee. I pulled my hair over my shoulder knowing that she was watching me. And she wasn’t the only one. Most of the boys were watching me as well. I tried hard not to smile at the thought of young adorable boys at my disposal. If I needed to I could use them to do my bidding. I was after all a young teen girl now. I could even use them for other things if I wanted. The thought was invigorating.

“Sophie is new to our school, so please make her feel welcome,” the teacher said in a stern voice. I could tell she was a strict teacher. I liked her.

I stole a quick glance at Brylee and saw she was staring at me with a smile on her face. Ugh, she was actually smiling at me? Good lord. Did she think we would be friends? Wait a second! I could use this to my advantage. I decided to listen to my own advice and I smile back slightly. I could become her new friend. After all her BFF just died tragically. She’s lonely no doubt and vulnerable. She probably wanted a new friend. I turned and faced forward while the plans spun in my head. While pretending to be her new buddy I could keep an eye on her and my son. I could also try to break them up if I wanted to. The little whore could find someone else to use!

All of a sudden a commotion at the front of the class pulled me out of my own head. Papers flew around the front of the class. The teacher stared in curiosity. I turned and looked at Brylee and her pale as a sheet face gave me the answers I needed. Lynley was still around with us even after death. And my powers have just shoved her away from my presence. I laughed a bit.

While I was with Brylee that would mean Lynley could not be. The plans were working out in my favor and I couldn’t be happier.

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