YA Author Series: Editing

In my day job, I do quite a bit of non-fiction writing. Even though I’ve been writing non-fic for many years, I’m better known professionally for my proofing and editing. Co-workers cringe when I draw out my trusty red pen.

So, when I made the leap into fiction writing, editing was waiting for me like an old, familiar friend. However, it’s more like a love/hate relationship. I constantly struggle with Continue reading “YA Author Series: Editing”

Indie Author Series: The Great & Powerful

Good morning bookish friends. This week I’m posting on the road. I’ve spent the week on business in Kansas City, currently pulsing with excitement over March Madness and the new Wiz of Oz movie.

I have to admit that I feel a bit like Dorothy sometimes… timidly shuffling down the yellow brick road of book publishing. Sometimes I find a Tin Man like my friends Suzy Turner or Laura Elliott who have big hearts when it comes to helping their fellow indie writers. Sometimes it’s a lion like T.R. Graves who Continue reading “Indie Author Series: The Great & Powerful”

Indie Author Series: Author Pages

WP_20130114_002Like my wise old lady pic? Thought I needed an intellectual look as I dish out advice on this week’s Indie Author Series subject…Author Pages. New indie authors often make author profiles/pages their first venture into the insanity that is modern book marketing.¬† I’m included. I remember spending a couple of weeks Continue reading “Indie Author Series: Author Pages”

Indie Author Series: Smashwords

swWelcome to the YA Author Series, a bi-weekly discussion on indie publishing topics brought to you by the Young Adult Indie Carnival crew.

This week’s topic is one of my favorite book distributors, Smashwords. I can’t think of a company who has contributed more to the indie publishing movement.

I’ve always thought of myself as a tech-minded person. I always have to have the newest gadget. I know just enough basic HTML and javascript to get myself in trouble. So when I made the decision to self-publish, turning my work into an ebook was a no-brainer. Still, I had a ton of questions. Continue reading “Indie Author Series: Smashwords”

YA Author Series: Let’s Talk About Barnes & Noble

baltimoreWelcome to the YA Author Series, a bi-weekly discussion on indie publishing topics brought to you by the Young Adult Indie Carnival crew.

Amazing, isn’t it? The renovated power plant on the harbor in Baltimore is my favorite Barnes & Noble store. Giant smoke stacks rise up through the¬†floors as escalators with their visible mechanics transport curious minds to shelves upon shelves of wonder.

Whenever I see my Nook sales, I start to envision a girl tucked away in Continue reading “YA Author Series: Let’s Talk About Barnes & Noble”

Indie Author Series: Kindle/Amazon – All In or Diversify?

why wouldn't I want to be where my readers need me?Things are changing at the YA Indie Carnival.

Last week marked the first of our new Indie Author Spotlights. This week, we start the first in the new Indie Author Series. Every other week our indie ya author group will tackle a different topic in writing and publishing. Tackle may be the best word for it this week as we blog about the book giant…Amazon. Continue reading “Indie Author Series: Kindle/Amazon – All In or Diversify?”